What year did the YZ490 come out?

What year did the YZ490 come out?

The Yamaha YZ490 was introduced in 1982 (following in the footsteps of the YZ465).

What is a YZ 65?

Yamaha YZ65 – Welcome to the Victory ZoneThe all-new YZ65 youth motocross bike features an all-new engine, chassis, suspension, bodywork and more, all designed to provide young riders with best in class performance and reliability while racing towards the victorYZone.

What age is a YZ65 for?

With a 14-inch front an 12-inch rear wheel, the YZ65 is aimed at riders aged between seven and 12 years old, and claimed to be easy-to-ride for entry-level racers to learn and develop their skills.

How old do you have to be to ride a YZ65?

All riders must have a current MA Licence to enter, recommended age is between 9 and 12 years old (younger riders may be accepted based on riding ability), own a YZ65 and successful applicants must cover race entry fee of $140.

When did the Yamaha yz490 come out?

The Yamaha YZ490 was introduced in 1982 (following in the footsteps of the YZ465). Sadly, the 490 was heavier than the 465, nowhere near as reliable, difficult to start, had grim suspension, vibrated and was impossible to jet. Amazingly, Yamaha stuck with this poor design until 1991.

What was the difference between Yamaha 490 and 490?

By the time the 490 rolled into it`s final year or so of production various changes had been made along the way, the “BASS” suspension had been discarded & replaced with a better unit, the springs were still a little on the soft side but overall the front & rear suspension now handled whoops, hard landings & rough tracks much better.

What does the year mean on a Yamaha VIN number?

Yamaha VIN Decoder. The year in the code means the model year of the motor, but not the year when it was manufactured. Of course, it will be strange if the difference is more than a year or two. You can buy a new bike of the next year in autumn or in December of this year. It’s a common practice of many companies.

How big are the front brake spokes on a Yamaha yz490?

Those troublesome “Z” spokes had been chucked in the bin a while back, the front brake disc had increased in size to 230mm & the wheel rims were now silver & not gold in colour.