Where are the axle seals on a 2001 tracker?

Where are the axle seals on a 2001 tracker?

Your Tracker has two axle seals, one at each axle, that prevent differential fluid from entering the drum brake system. You have to drain the differential and remove the common axle shaft to replace the faulty axle seal.

Can a trailer have a drawbar rear axle?

Trailers can have drawbar front axles. Rear axles for most vehicles are fixed; those that steer must be linked to either the front axle (if there is one) or the front coupling. The Guided selection means that the axle is guided by rails or curbs.

How is the distance between front and rear axles measured?

If you are defining a nosewheel, bogie or drawbar axle group, you must specify the Axle Group Pivot Offset. This is the distance in front of axle 1 on front axle groups and the distance behind axle 1 on rear axle groups. On units with tired wheels, the outer face wheel track is measured over the outer faces of the outermost tyres on an axle.

How is the rear axle linked to the front axle?

A rear axle group is automatically linked to the front axle group, if one exists, or the front coupling articulation angle, if not. A front axle group is similarly automatically linked to either the rear axle group or coupling.

How to change the rear axle seal in a 2001 tracker?

Put the wheel speed sensor aside. Attach the bearing removal tool to two of the lug nut studs and secure with the lug nuts. Remove the axle shaft by sliding the hammer quickly against the stop; repeat the process until the axle shaft and bearing are loose and can be removed from the axle housing.

What’s the best way to change an axle?

By this time, you can put the wheel back on the vehicle (again, the same as you would when changing a tire). After the wheel is on, you can lower the car off the jack and jack stands. Tighten the axle nut. Finally, you can retighten the axle nut once the vehicle is back on the ground.

Can you remove axle nut before jacking up car?

Remove the axle nut. Once the cotter pin is out, you can remove the axle nut. The nut will take significant torque to remove, which is why it is much safer to remove the nut before jacking up the vehicle. Unfortunately, axle nuts do not have a standard size, and the socket size required will be different for different vehicles.

What to do if your CV axle is not catching?

Jack up your vehicle and put on the parking brake. Rotate your front tires forwards or backwards and if you hearing grinding and/or clicking, and the CV joint is not catching, most likely the one that needs replacement will be there.