Where can I get a bypass heater core?

Where can I get a bypass heater core?

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How do you bypass the coolant around the heater core?

Disconnect the heater hoses from the firewall side. Both heater hoses will be connected to nipples, which go through the firewall and into the heater core. To bypass the coolant around the heater core, it is necessary to divert the heater hoses coming from the engine to somewhere other than the core itself.

What happens if the heater core goes out in a car?

If the heater core goes out in your vehicle, it may be necessary to bypass it to keep the cooling system working and to keep coolant from pouring into the passenger compartment.

How much does it cost to replace a Mercedes Benz heater core?

Once the car was on the lift the mechanic said definitely heater core and claimed the leak was coming through a venting tube piped from the core housing. He estimated replacement cost at $1,000. and figured he need three days from start to finish (10 hours total labor).

How many hydraulic cylinders does a Mercedes roadster have?

We have two order methods: Either you send in your cylinders first, or choose to “Order now with Core Exchange”. Model years 1990-1996 have twelve hydraulic cylinders, while 1997-2002 models have eleven hydraulic cylinders that move and lock the roadster soft top.

How much does core exchange cost on a Mercedes?

Expedited Core Exchange Option includes a $160 Refundable Core Charge plus a $30 surcharge for inventory management. Due to an extremely high demand for R129 bow extension cylinders and a shortage of inventory, as of 6-9-2021 we have had to suspend the core exchange option temporarily.

What happens to the hydraulics in a Mercedes R129?

The original seals in the hydraulic cylinders, aka rams or actuators, will eventually fail in every R129, unless it gets wrecked prematurely, even if you never drive the car or have never used the top before. Rebuilding these cylinders is NOT a matter of changing o-rings. Every R129 cylinder has one o-ring, and those rarely ever fail.