Where can I get genuine Isuzu 6hk1 engine parts?

Where can I get genuine Isuzu 6hk1 engine parts?

As an Authorized Isuzu Dealer, we carry a great selection of genuine parts for Isuzu 6HK1 diesel engines, including water pumps, overhaul gasket sets, oil and fuel filters. If you do not see the part you are looking for, please use our quote request form or call us at 888.650.2780: our knowledgeable inside sales staff will gladly assist you.

What kind of power does a 7.8 Isuzu have?

No idea. We have 2 C7500’s with the auto. The 7.8 is a gutless wonder so don’t expect much power. They have both had injectors and one has had a head gasket. We use them as directional drill trucks. They have a 1000 gallon mud tank on them and pull a 24′ Trail King trailer with a 30000 pound drill on it.

How big is the Isuzu H-series diesel engine?

Main Specifications Displacement 5.2L (317.3 cu in) 151.4kW (203HP) @ 2100 RPM Variable Dimensions – L x W x H (4HK1) 947mm x 776mm x 994.8mm (37.3in x 30.6i Emissions U.S. EPA Tier 3 EC Stage IIIa

Is the Isuzu 7500 a Cummins or cat?

If the 7500 had a Cat or Cummins in it we would be happy. They are sized just right for our needs. Just extremely under powered. The running gear, frame, brakes have all been problem free. The truck does not have enough power to hurt the tranny. The cab is the same as the Kodiak, so you will have the same rattles and quirks.

What to do when taking down an Isuzu engine?

To prevent damage to the engine and ensure reliability of its performance, pay attention to the following in maintaining the engine: When taking down the engine on the ground, do not make the bearing surface of the oil pan touch directly the ground. Use a wood frame, for example, to support the engine with the engine foot and the flywheel housing.

What kind of engine does the Isuzu i series have?

The Isuzu i-Series utilizes General Motors-built inline five-cylinder engines. 2004–2006 used the General Motors-built Vortec 3500 Engine with 220 hp (164 kW) and 225 ft·lb (305 N·m) of torque. 2007–2008 use the General Motors-built Vortec 3700 Engine with 242 hp (180 kW) and 242 ft·lb (327 N·m) of torque.

How big is the Isuzu 4HF1 direct injection engine?

The 4HF1 is an OHC direct injection engine of 4.33L capacity. Applications include the 1998 Isuzu NPR200 Applications include the 1998 Isuzu NPR200 112 mm (4.4 in)

How many cylinders does an Isuzu diesel engine have?

Main Specifications Displacement 5.2L (317.3 cu in) Cylinders 4 Cycle 4 Stroke Cooling System WATER COOLED (RECOMMENDED O.A.T.) Valvetrain OHC

What kind of engine does a GMC C5500 have?

I am working on a 2009 GMC C5500 with a 7.8L isuzu engine. Isuzu truck check engine light is on and it’s lost power. Vocational, Technical or Tra… i have a 2005 C5500. i was driving down the road and a red circle with an X on it lit up. all my guages looked normal.

Is the Isuzu FTR 7.8L in limp mode?

It’s now in limp mode I’m 100+ miles from shop. Engine with down arrow light and amber exhaust light on. 4 beeps and now will only go 35 mph. Tried … read more 2007 isuzu ftr 7.8l is in limp mode. 2007 isuzu ftr 7.8l.

How big is the Isuzu 4he1-t turbocharged engine?

4HE1-T The 4HE1-T is a direct injection turbocharged engine of 4.75L capacity. Applications include the 1998 Isuzu NQR500. 110 mm (4.3 in) 125 mm (4.9 in) 4,752 cc (290.0 cu in) 148 PS (109 kW) @2,900rpm 400 N⋅m (300 lb⋅ft) @1800rpm OHC: 4HE1-XN The 4HE1-XN is an OHC direct

Is the GMC w6500 the same as the Isuzu NPR?

GMC W4500, W5500, W6500 & W7500 trucks look like a true copy of Isuzu truck models and use the same engine as Isuzu NPR. Isuzu ELF trucks are primarily called Isuzu NPR trucks whereas Isuzu Forward is Isuzu FTR, FRR & FVR in USA. We sell Isuzu 4BD2, 4HE1 & 4HK1 engines primarily as Isuzu NPR engines but they also fit Isuzu NQR, NRR & GMC W series.

What kind of engine does the Isuzu Bellett have?

The 1.5 L G150 engine was used in the Isuzu Bellett . The eight-valve 1.6 L G160/G161 engine was used in the Isuzu Florian and the Isuzu Bellett GT, as well as a number of commercial vehicles including the Elf 150 (KA41/51). The G160 has a three main bearing crankshaft, whereas the G161 has five bearings.

Where are the model numbers on an Isuzu engine?

Engine Model is cast on the side of the block and/or located on the identification label, which is found on the valve cover. Right front, top part of cylinder block. Just behind the front cover. Right front, top part of block. Left rear, top part of cylinder block. Left front, top part of cylinder block.

Is the Isuzu distributor network second to none?

The Isuzu distributor network is second to none. The Distributors and Dealers are the Isuzu experts in the field. Many of our locations can offer service anywhere, anytime onsite at your location or in the shop. This network provides a plethora of services: 01.

How many horsepower does a home Isuzu diesel engine have?

Variable Speed: 19.0 HP (14.2 KW) – 23.9 HP (17.8 KW) *varies by model. Standard Features. • U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final. • Displacement: .9 L – 1.6 L. • 2-year / 2,000-hour limited warranty*.