Where is my search box in Outlook?

Where is my search box in Outlook?

Follow the below steps to add search in your Outlook.

  1. For a start, go to “File” menu and select “Options”.
  2. Then locate and click on “Customize Ribbon”.
  3. You will see a vast variety of commands, tabs and ribbons listed in dialog boxes.
  4. Next locate and pitch on “Search” in the left side.

Why is search option not showing in Outlook?

In the Options window, you will be able to locate the “Customize Ribbon” section in the left bar and click on it. Now, go to “Choose commands from,” and select “Tools Tabs”. After the “Main Tab” window opens, left-click the “Search” option to select it. Now, click the “Add >>” button.

How do I move the Search box in Outlook?

After the update, the Outlook search bar is placed in the title bar. At the moment of writing, it’s impossible to change the search box back to the top of the messages. You can get the search box back if installing an older version of Microsoft Office 365. After that, you need to disable automatic updates.

Why does my search bar not work Windows 10?

One of the reasons why Windows 10 search isn’t working for you is because of a faulty Windows 10 update. If Microsoft hasn’t released a fix just yet, then one way of fixing search in Windows 10 is to uninstall the problematic update. To do this, return to the Settings app, then click ‘Update & Security’.

How do I remove the Search box from Outlook 2016?

Delete search history or export search history in Outlook on the…

  1. At the top of the page, select Settings. > View all Outlook settings.
  2. Select General > Privacy and data.
  3. Do one of the following: To delete your search history, select Delete history. To export your search history to a . csv file, select Export.

Why does the search bar keep disappearing?

Exit full screen mode If you’re in full screen mode, your toolbar will be hidden by default. This is the most common reason for it to disappear.

How to show or restore ribbon in outlook?

Please click the Ribbon Display Options button. See screenshot:

  • After clicking the Ribbon Display Options button,select S how Tabs and Commands in the drop-down list.
  • Where is my outlook toolbar?

    The Quick Access Toolbar can be located in one of two places: Upper-left corner, on the title bar . (default location) Below the ribbon. If you don’t want the Quick Access Toolbar to be displayed in its current location, you can move it to the other location.

    How do I add a search bar in outlook?

    How to add the Search tab to the ribbon Right click on the Outlook ribbon. Select Customize the Ribbon. Select Home (Mail) located in the list on the right-hand side. In the Choose commands from the list on the left side, select All Tabs. Under Search Tools, select Search.

    How can I filter by date in outlook?

    Click on the “Search” tab in Outlook and use the general search feature to filter by date. Type “received: Yesterday” or “received: Monday” to generate all messages received on those specific days. When using a general day of the week, such as Monday, Outlook will automatically sort the emails by the most recent to the oldest.