Where is the wiring harness on a GM Truck?

Where is the wiring harness on a GM Truck?

Use nylon tie straps to secure the fabricated harness to the main chassis harness between the transfer case and C101. On the full-size pickup and full-size utility models, replace the 2.2 m (88 in) pigtail harness that runs from the C151 connector under the hood to the transfer case.

Why do my brake lights not work on my GMC Sierra?

I have a 1994 GMC Sierra C1500 2WD with 4.3l w/automatic. It was a fleet vehicle. Plain Jane accept for High Output Heater, Limited Slip Diff and Engine Block Heater. Brake lights were working intermittently. Would come on when pedal as first depressed then go out after pedal traveled down a bit. I put in a new switch and all was well for 3 months.

Why does my 1988 GMC Sierra 1500 not start?

I’m having the same problem with my 1988 GMC 1500 I was told its the starter I’m going to replace it I guess that will determine if its the starter ornot just wwish I had a for sure wayof knowing 37 people found this helpful. Having same issue. Changed out starter two days ago. Still is a hard start. Sometimes I need starter fluid

Why is the encoder on my GM Truck not working?

Click to expand… c0321 is the lock actuator. the encoder is locked at all times unless you command a change with the switch 4wd selector. so when you change the selector sw the failure is lock actuator not working so it will not move the encoder motor.

What does a 1988 Chevy truck wiring diagram mean?

According to earlier, the traces at a 1988 Chevy Truck Wiring Diagram represents wires. Sometimes, the cables will cross. But, it doesn’t imply link between the wires.

Do you need a wiring diagram for your GMC?

GMC Wiring Diagrams SEARCH GMC WIRING DIAGRAMS Wiring Diagrams› GMC If you run into an electrical problem with your GMC, you may want to take a moment and check a few things out for yourself. Before you dive in with a multi-meter, you will want to obtain a free wiring diagram for your specific model.

What are the problems with a GM Truck wiring system?

Some wiring system issues are more complex, however: open circuits, short circuits, erosion, repeated blowing fuses, or hot smells from wires or melting plastic. These are obviously serious and can put your truck out of commission, possibly for good.

Where can I find a Chevy G20 wiring diagram?

Click the “View More” button, and then click “Vehicle Repair Guides.” Select the chapter ” Wiring Diagrams Repair Guide”. We hope you found the 1995 Chevy G20 wiring diagrams and other schematics helpful.