Who played Thomas Tallis in the Tudors?

Who played Thomas Tallis in the Tudors?

actor Joe Van Moyland
Thomas Tallis is a musician, singer and composer whose burgeoning career forms a small sub-plot of Season One of The Tudors. He is played by English actor Joe Van Moyland. He is presented as a bisexual youth who is devoted to his music but gradually begins to find other things in life to appreciate.

Who is Joe van?

Joseph Antony Bernays (born 1983) is an English singer, drummer and actor who works under the pseudonyms Joe van Moyland and Joe Lean….Joe Van Moyland.

Joe Lean/Joe van Moyland
Birth name Joseph Antony Bernays
Born 1983 (age 37–38) York, England
Genres Indie rock, Indie pop

Who is the songwriter in The Tudors?

Trevor Morris
The Tudors/Composers

Was Thomas Tallis a real person?

Thomas Tallis ( c. 1505 – 23 November 1585; also Tallys or Talles) was an English Renaissance composer who occupies a primary place in anthologies of English choral music. He is considered one of England’s greatest composers, and he is honoured for his original voice in English musicianship.

What style of music was Josquin de Prez a master of?

polyphonic vocal music
Josquin is widely considered by music scholars to be the first master of the high Renaissance style of polyphonic vocal music that was emerging during his lifetime.

Was Thomas Tallis married?

Joan Tallism. 1552–1585
Thomas Tallis/Spouse

What happened to Thomas Tullis?

He died in his house in Greenwich on 20 or 23 November; the different dates are from a register and the Chapel Royal. He was buried in the chancel of St Alfege Church, Greenwich. A brass memorial plate placed there after the death of his wife (but before the death of Elizabeth (ONDB)) is now lost.

What happened to Anthony in the Tudors?

Sir Anthony Knivert has been a longtime friend of King Henry. During their jousting match in Episode 1.04, Anthony jousted with the King and accidentally injured him when Henry forgot to close the visor of his helmet; Henry was quick to forgive his friend, however, admitting he had made the mistake.

Who are the cast members of the Tudors?

Series Cast. Stephen Brennan. John Seymour 4 episodes, 2008. Krystin Pellerin. Lady Elizabeth Darrell 4 episodes, 2008. Jason Healey. Henry’s Groom / .. Stephen Hogan. Sir Henry Norris 4 episodes, 2008. Rebecca Ryan. Joan / 4 episodes, 2007. Alan Devine. Wolsey’s

When did Thomas Tallis dissapear from the Tudors?

In the final episode, Tallis and Wyatt discuss the importance of patronage, and the rise of Thomas Cromwell (who is Wyatt’s new patron, to Tallis’ dissaproval) and Anne Boleyn. Though Wyatt remains at court, Tallis dissapears from the series after Season One ends, contrary to history; he would continue having success through the mid-to-late 1500’s.

Who was Sir William Compton in the Tudors?

Moments later, however, Tallis catches the eye of Sir William Compton, one of the King’s close friends. Compton, who is secretly homosexual, continues to flirt with Tallis in episode 1.05, asking him to ‘say yes’; Tallis resists, saying, “You’re a Lord- what am I?” to which Compton replies “a genius .”