Why are the brake lights on my Volkswagen Golf not working?

Why are the brake lights on my Volkswagen Golf not working?

Brake lights on my 2002 Volkswagen Golf all failed to operate. Vw dealer (classic Volkswagen in escondido, CA) determined the problem was a defective brake light switch. Vw dealer replaced the brake light switch. All brake lights inoperable. Bulbs are fine. This will lead to an accident where the car is rear ended.

What kind of problem does a VW Golf have?

Internet forum discussions revealed that rust around the wheelarch is common on diesel Golfs of this age, and that VW had traced it to water-logged foam pads on the inner wing chafing through the paint. Simon’s dealer, Isaac Agnew in Belfast, sent a claim to Volkswagen under the 12-year anti-perforation warranty.

Why are my VW Golf airbags not working?

Welding faults on the seams of the Isofix mounting bars were found, therefore not guaranteeing the safe support of a child seat in a crash. Some cars built between October and November 2000 had problems with their passenger airbags. They may not release properly due to a leak from the pressure reservoir of the gas generator.

Why does my VW Golf have rust bubbles?

In some cases this is due to a blocked particulate filter, so check to see if either is affected on your test drive. Simon Thompson had a Mk 5 Volkswagen Golf TDI which he kept in good condition with regular waxing, so he was concerned to spot rust bubbles on the bodywork.

Are there any problems with the Volkswagen Golf?

See all problems of the 2002 Volkswagen Golf . 2002 vw Golf with cruise control problem customer states that the car accelerated into fifth gear when she took her foot off the brake* the consumer determined that stepping on the brake did not disengage the cruise control.

What happens if you have a bad brake light switch?

The brake light switch on modern vehicles is no longer a simple switch used to turn on the brake lights. A bad brake light switch, for example, can trigger the ABS and traction control lights, but it can also prevent engine start or even transmission shifting. In this article, we go over the symptoms of a bad brake light switch and test them.

Where is the brake light switch on a car?

When the brake pedal is pressed, it closes the switch, and the current flows through the wiring to the brake lights. This turns on the rear brake lights. The brake light switch can also be located on the master cylinder. Hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder brake light switch system can close the switch to turn on the brake lights.