Why does engine fan keep running?

Why does engine fan keep running?

It’s normal for some vehicles to have a fan run for a few minutes after the car is shut off, generally to keep the engine cool. However, if the fan is running for an extended period, the fan itself can become damaged due to overuse. It’s possible you may have a module or relay failing in your car.

How do air fan clutches work?

A fan clutch is a thermostatic engine cooling fan that can freewheel at low temperatures when cooling is not needed, allowing the engine to warm up faster, relieving unnecessary load on the engine. As temperatures increase, the clutch engages so that the fan is driven by engine power and moves air to cool the engine.

Are there any problems with my 2004 Columbia?

Not open for further replies. I have a 2004 Columbia with a 60 series Detroit and for the last two years there has been an intermitent electrical problem. The tach and speedometer will go to zero while the warning beeper is screaming, the shift indicator will go blank, sometimes the truck and traliler ABS indicator sounds as well.

Can a bad fan clutch cause engine overheating?

A bad fan clutch may not engage properly or at all, and as a result, will disable the fans or prevent them from working at maximum efficiency. This may result in the engine overheating, which will lead to more serious issues if left unattended.

Why is my engine fan not coming on?

Discussion in ‘ Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ‘ started by US MARINE, Oct 6, 2012 . The fan will not engage . I replaced the following 1. Air cylonoid on the fire wall

Are there any problems with Freightliner Columbia elecrical engines?

If the engine ECM has experience a loss of unswitched battery power or communitcation failures from the 1939 datalink it will log codes for that which should be able to point you in the right direction for a solution. Overall a great company to work for. They genuinely care about the drivers and are constantly looking for ways to improve.