Why does my radio app keep cutting out?

Why does my radio app keep cutting out?

If the app is stopping when your phone’s screen goes dark/turns off/goes to sleep, it is likely an Android level setting which is designed to save battery life. Select Battery. Find and select iHeartRadio. Disable “Put app to sleep”

Why does my CD player make no sound?

Try playing a standard commercially-recorded CD to find out if the problem is related to the homemade CD. If the commercially-recorded CD plays while the homemade one does not, the problem is likely with the homemade CD.

Why is my compact disc player not playing?

The Compact Disc (CD) player will not play a disc. Ensure the CD player is plugged into a working AC outlet. Turn on the CD player. Use a soft cloth to clean the disc. Attempt to play the disc. If the issue is not resolved, attempt to play a different commercially produced CD. If the issue is …

Why does my radio not sound out of speakers?

The amp is most likely going out for most of your problems some it doesn’t sound like an amp issue but the harman Kardon amps aren’t really what you call quality made but they sound great when the sound works one day then not at all your amp is most likely on its last leg Just posted this in the other thread. Check this area first.

What to do when your sound card is not playing?

RealTimes plays sound using the Wave Out controls of your sound card. If the Volume Control sliders are muted, RealTimes will not play sound. 1. Double-click the speaker icon next to the clock in the lower-right corner of your screen. 2. In the Volume Control dialog box, make sure that all of the Mute boxes are clear. 1.

How to fix a problem with a CD player?

Solutions to Common CD Player Problems 1 Solution. Most of the time, this simple step helps you in restoring back your player back to its normal self. 2 Solution. Check if it is getting proper power supply. 3 Solution. To start off with the troubleshooting process, you need to first remove the case of the CD player.

Why does my car radio suddenly stop working?

If you have a car radio that works sometimes, and suddenly cuts out at other times, that can be more difficult to diagnose. If your radio turns on, but you don’t get any sound from the speakers, there are a whole lot of different potential culprits.

What to do if your car stereo has no sound?

Radios have all sorts of wires going in and out of them. Each wire serves a specific purpose for the car stereo to operate correctly. If you have a car stereo that has no sound than we should start by checking that all the wires are hooked up. A car stereo will always have 3 different power wires going to the deck section.

Why is my speaker not connecting to my amp?

The issue could be related to the amp if you have an external amp or the speaker wires. Depending on where your amp is located, it may be easy or quite difficult to check the amp. Some amps have in-line fuses while others are fused at the amp itself, and some installations have more than one fuse.