Why does my Volkswagen Jetta battery keep draining?

Why does my Volkswagen Jetta battery keep draining?

It died about 10 weeks ago and the battery started draining 6 weeks after that. I’ve read that dead radios can drain the battery. So I had a new radio installed by Car Toys, but the problem did not stop. The mechanics said they found nothing with the radio that would be draining my battery. I’ve tried locking the car at night. I’ve been over

Why does my Volkswagen Jetta not start in the morning?

Volkswagen Jetta Questions – My battery keeps draining and my car won’t start in the morning. – CarGurus My battery keeps draining and my car won’t start in the morning. I’ve had my car into the dealership and they say the battery and alternator are fine. They also said the parasitic draw test showed nothing. I’m suspicious of the radio. It

What to do if your VW wont start after a battery change?

Leave the cables disconnected for fifteen minutes If this doesn’t yield results, then you can try this alternative method to get your key to reprogram itself: Ensure that the battery is being charged with a charger Leave the key in the ignition with the battery on and the engine off for an hour

How old is the battery on my VW Jetta?

It was my 1999 Mercedes SL 500>.Mileage is 62,000.The batter is one year old,,So my honey took the batter back to auto part store and Thankfully they r replaced it,,You usually get a 3 yr warranty with new Batteries ,,BUT always Check before you purchase..Thanks to All for Your HELP..ox 5 people found this helpful.

When was the last time my car battery was replaced?

Battery replaced in July 2014 Battery replaced again in Feb 2015. New battery problems started again with recent cold weather. Called dealership who told me battery only has 12 mo / 12 mi warranty.

Can you replace the radio on a VW Jetta?

If you can replace the radio or install a switch to turn off all the power to it. 10 people found this helpful. Thanks for your answer, but a radio should not pull 2A + it is unbievable that VW does not identify the fuses even in the handbook. Looking forward to the buyback.

What causes a car battery to go dead?

This will place a parasitic drain on the battery, which will eventually cause it to go dead. The ECM power relay is one of the most important relays as it provides power for the vehicle’s computer system.

What does it mean when a VW battery wont start?

First, you want to find out if the immobilizer is the problem. To do this, turn on the battery in your Volkswagen and see if the immobilizer warning light is flashing on your dash, most likely in your speedometer. It should look like an outline of a car with a key inside it. If it’s flashing, it means the immobilizer’s disconnected from the system.

Can a car run when the battery is off?

Any electronic device with memory settings, like a clock and radio station presets, draws power from the battery while the vehicle ignition is off. This drain is so small, you can leave a modern truck sitting for a week or more and it will still start up and run fine.

How can I find out if my battery is draining?

Replace the fuse and disconnect each lamp, heater, or electrical device one at a time. Flip all of the switches that correspond to the components as well. Watch for the reading on the multimeter to drop to find out which component is causing the drain. For instance, say the offending fuse controls the power antenna as well as the radio.

What was the problem with my VW battery?

I then took my car to Haggerty VW to have the power drain problem fixed. After a whole week of fumbling around and grasping at straws, they were “finished” with my car and charged me $1,092.45, claiming that the problem was a $540 steering angle sensor. My battery was dead when they returned the car.

What causes a car battery to drain overnight?

This happens when something – a glovebox light, an amplifier, any electrical component – is pulling power from the battery when it shouldn’t. Since the alternator isn’t generating vehicle electricity, the problem component pulls from the battery, slowly draining it overnight until your vehicle won’t start.

Why does my VW Jetta not turn on?

Battery drain when not used for two weeks, requiring jump start (replaced battery one year ago). Car would not start (battery wouldn’t even turn over, yes the same new battery) towed to dealer who said they replaced some fuses. Recently, radio will not power on. Dealer states the radio failed, fuses fine.

Why does my car radio drain my battery?

Sounds like you need a new radio, add a separate power switch or get in the habit of pulling the radio fuse when you get out of the car. Electrical gremlins are one of the weak points of German cars. Is turning the radio off not enough? It depends on the radio. Most modern cars are likely to have some minor drain with the engine off.

Why does my Buick Enclave battery drain while driving?

If the battery is draining while you’re driving, that is probably going to be the alternator or battery. There are other situations as well. We’ll cover those for you below.

Where can I buy a 2007 Volkswagen Jetta battery?

Buy 2007 Volkswagen Jetta Battery from AutoZone. 10% OFF $75. Use Code: DIYSAVE10 Online Ship-to-Home Orders Only

What are the most common problems with a VW Jetta?

Common problem with VW’s , according to mechanic” Power or manual windows, locks and latches, tailgate, hatch or trunk, doors or sliding doors, mirrors, seat controls, safety belts, sunroof, convertible top. Accessory belts and pulleys]

Why does my battery drain in the winter?

The next thing is that there is a million reasons your battery is being drained. With you being in Oakland I doubt that rust is your issue. Ecm. Anything fuel injected I have problems low battery a month or 2 later parking it.. No matter what I buy for battery. Every winter I have to jump the plow truck. Now I just pull leads.

What happens if you turn off the electric fan on a Jetta?

Electrical Fan continues running after car turned off. Draines battery. Electrical Fan continues running after car turned off. Draines battery. on Volkswagen Jetta Good news! We found 31 RepairPal Certified shops near you.

Why does a car battery go dead when not in use?

[1] When your car is not in use, keeping a battery charged is difficult because the alternator doesn’t have the opportunity to do its job. The alternator is essentially a generator for your car’s electrical system.

How to check for parasitic battery drain in a car?

Attach a multimeter (set the dial on the multimeter to measure Amps as per multimeters instructions) between the negative cable and the negative battery post. Wait a few seconds to several minutes for the car to go into sleep mode — i.e. when you make the contact with the ammeter, the car’s computer systems “wake up.”.

Can a car battery be too dead to jump start?

There is probably nothing worse than a dead car battery amid your possessions—at least, among your battery items, anyway. YES, a car battery can get so dead it will not receive a jump start anymore.