Why is my tachometer not working on my GMC Sierra?

Why is my tachometer not working on my GMC Sierra?

Looks like somebody had fun in there. That is the harness that feeds into the firewall to the cluster, and sure enough the white wire you mentioned was completely chewed through. Got them all repaired and viola, tachometer is now working. Would you happen to know what that grey wire goes to?

How are the wires on a speedometer reversed?

The two wires can be reversed. speedometer kits and they have three wires. One wire is a reference power, one wire is the ground, and the third wire is the signal. 2. Use a mulitmeter to test. One-Wire Signals. (Figure 1.) volts. Depending on the application, the reference voltage is usually that when the vehicle is moving.

Where does the signal for the tachometer come from?

The signal for the tachometer comes from the PCM on the white wire, Pin A2 at the cluster. Any aftermarket remote start by chance? Look for spliced wires at the PCM connectors and at the cluster plug.

Why is the speedometer on my Chevy truck not working?

Inaccurate readings after changes to your Chevy: This is common with truck and SUV owners who change their wheels and tires, but can also happen if the wheel/tire combo is changed on a car. Larger combos, or those with different dimensions, will cause an inaccurate reading and the speedometer must be re-calibrated to regain accuracy.

Where do I find the tachometer wiring diagram?

Check the tachometer wiring section in the car manual. If you don’t find it there, get the appropriate Hayne’s manual for your car. With the tachometer wiring diagram in front of you, check the underlying connections. Trace the wire connection from the crankshaft attached generator to the display panel on your dashboard.

Why is the light on my tachometer not working?

LED displays that have been in use for long, may blank out due to damage. Getting the LED display replaced will fix the problem quite easily. This is the simplest task when troubleshooting a tachometer. Sometimes, corroded wire connections and breakage may be the reason for the tachometer not working.

Is it necessary to have a tachometer on the dashboard?

It is essential that one has a working tachometer on the dashboard as without it, there is no way you can keep an eye on a working of an engine. There are several types of problems that could occur with a tachometer. They can mostly be traced to be mechanical and electronic problems.