Why is the DT466 electronic diesel engine no more?

Why is the DT466 electronic diesel engine no more?

The DT466 Electronic Diesel Engine. The DT466E International diesel is no more mainly because it could not meet emission standards. It’s one engine that performed only as good as the oil pressure that supplied the HEUI (hydraulic electronic unit injectors).

Where is the cam sensor on a DT466?

The cam sensor is located on the passenger side of the front timing cover and reads engine rotation that relays a reading to the ECM (engine control unit). As I stated before if the cam sensor does not send a signal to the ECM the engine dies since the ECM thinks that the engine is not rotating and it’s programmed to shut down the injection system.

Can a DT 466 stop an international 4300?

2006 dt 466 crank no start after fuel filter replacedment. Andy.I have an international 4300 dt466. it starts and stalls… Have a 4300 international w/ dt 466. Stopped running.

What is the SID code for a DT 466E?

Codes are sid: 254 fmi:6 and sid:221 fmi: 4 . Changed the idm. It ran 1/2 a day.Originally I could disconnect the batts. and connect cabels to kil … read more 1997 International 4700 with a DT 466E. Truck came in due 1997 International 4700 with a DT 466E. Truck came in due to a broken high pressure line port on the High pressure oil pump.

Where to buy dt466e engine assemblies for sale?

Shop our massive inventory of rebuilt International DT466E Engine Assemblies at unbeatable prices. Enjoy our hassle-free online checkout or call to speak to an expert. Cooling Assembly. (Rad.,

How much horsepower does a 1999 International dt466e have?

Standard torque models of the 1999 DT466E offer power ranges of between 195 and 230 horsepower, with torque ratings advertised at 520 to 620 foot-pounds of torque. International also provided high-end torque models, producing 215 to 250 horsepower and 620 to 800 foot-pounds of torque. The aluminum pistons give the DT466E engine its life and power.

When does npddiesel replace Pistons on DT466 engine?

DT-466 E Series through 1999.5 (see DT466E product bulletin) About the DT466 Engines. NPDDiesel replaces 100% of pistons, rings, bearings, bushings, gaskets and seals. All heads get new valves and are vacuum tested to ensure the quality of the valve job.

Is the DT466 truck getting hard to start?

I have had a small problem with it before, usually first thing in the AM. But now it doesn’t want to start no matter what time of the day it is. If its been sitting for any length of time it cranks and will finally start after about 45 seconds. There is nothing else wrong with this truck, this is the only problem it is giving me now.

What makes a DT466 diesel truck go limp?

The engine is new, the injectors are all new, the MAP Sensor is new, the Baro Sensor is new, the Cam Sensor is new, the High Pressure Oil Pump is new, the fuel sensor and regulators are new, the computer is new. The truck will crank, and then go into a limp mode and blow tons of white smoke out of the stack. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Where to find DT 466E trouble code list?

You can go to this site: https://evalue.internationaldelivers.com/service/bodybuilder/general/engine/eges270_FC.xml and click on the actual code (DTC) to access some decent diagnosis pages! Or scroll down for a quick reference. One word of *CAUTION*

Why does my DT466 start harder cold than hot?

To answer your voltage question, that’s EXACTLY what is likely causing your problem. On a cold engine it takes more battery power to crank the engine compared to a HOT engine, so it starts harder cold – we all know that.

Why does my dt466e take so long to start?

The high psi oil system, in a dt466e you have high psi oil that fires the injectors, and sometimes the pump can actually bleed down overnight causing it to take forever to start, the only way to check that will be let it sit overnight and there is a temp sensor in the front cover/ drivers side . it is right in front of the oil/fuel pump.

Why does my 1999 IH dt466e keep dying?

I have a 1999 IH DT466E that will not stay running. It will start right up and then run from anywhere from 30 secs. to several minutes. It then dies, but will start back up and do the same thing. I have replaced the fuel filter on the drivers side, and the high pressure oil pump is also new last fall.

Where is the HPOP on a 1999 dt466e?

On the left side of the engine mounted on the back side of the front cover is the high pressure oil pump. Its also right above the air compressor ( if equipped) or ps pump. On the hpop there is a valve near the bottom of it.

How big is the fuel filter on a DT 466?

It is around 1-1.5 inches in diameter, and is aobut 2 inches long, and will most likely be painted the same color as the engine. It is a plastic spin-on deal, and it is meant to catch any big stuff before going into the fuel filter itself.Bascially, it is like a bowl on a carberator on a briggs and stratton.

How much is a DT466 dump truck engine?

It’s a dump truck 1997 international 4700 126k miles, dt466 for $13,500. I will definitely go see it soon. The only down side it’s that its CDL but if its worth it I’ll figure out since my drivers don’t have CDL. See pictures below. I’d love to hear what you guys think. Thanks!

What kind of engine is a DT 446?

DT 446 is the big brother to the 444 international/7.3 Liter Powerstroke motors used in F250-F350+ as well as school buses and so on from that era. The 7.3 motors have a solid following in ford pick ups. Click to expand… DT466 is based on the “400” series motor that goes all the way back to the 66 series tractors.

How many head bolts are in a DT466?

The entire DT466 line of engines always made use of six head bolts per cylinder. On older versions of the DT466—and as reported by Hypermax Engineering, a highly respected aftermarket company in the tractor pulling world—1,200 hp can be achieved before head gasket issues surface.

When was the DT466 diesel added to Loadstar?

Later in the year, it became available in the Cargostar (COE) and Paystar. The DT466 was added to the Loadstar options list in the summer of 1976 as a premium upgrade over the naturally aspirated D150, D170 and D190 9.0L V8 diesels. The DT466 was more powerful, economical and reliable than the big V8 diesels and it could be overhauled in chassis.

Is the DT 466 engine viscous or air operated?

I run DT 466 right up 1050-1100 EGT and never had too much of a problem but its also intercooled so that makes big difference Thought of one more thing, does it have a viscous fan drive on it or air operated. If it’s viscous run the engine and get it hot, pop the hood and check and see if the fan is locked up or turns freely.