Are AdBlue emulators legal?

Are AdBlue emulators legal?

Despite this, AdBlue emulators can be used in perfectly legal professional settings which require high quality emulation of an SCR system: Trucks that operate outside of Europe can use AdBlue emulators if urea is rarely found around truck stops and fuel stations.

How do I connect my AdBlue emulator?

Unscrew two mounting screws of the fuse panel, and unscrew two mounting screws of the diagnostic OBD2 connector. Join wires on the OBD2 connector. Connect brown any of brown wires to the black wire (ground) of AdBlue emulator. Do not connect other emulator wires if the ground wire is not connected.

Is it legal to delete AdBlue?

AdBlue is a chemical liquid used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) on diesel vehicles in order to reduce NOx levels. Our AdBlue delete service is strictly sold as an off-road use only product, driving your vehicle on the road with an AdBlue delete could result in prosecution.

Can a lorry run without AdBlue?

What happens if I run out of AdBlue? If you run out of AdBlue while you’re driving, then the engine’s power and performance will be reduced to limit its emissions. Once you’ve stopped, you won’t be able to restart the engine if the AdBlue tank’s empty.

What is a AdBlue emulator?

AdBlue emulators are devices intended to take over control of the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system. SCR system is responsible for control of exhaust system on the modern truck, bus or other vehicles. This type of catalytic converter is common for all compression-ignition engines.

What is AdBlue emulator?

How does AdBlue emulator and SCR system work? AdBlue fluid is injected into the exhaust gases to reduce their toxicity to the level required by the standards of the European countries. If you disable this system, you can forget about it and stop buying the expensive AdBlue liquid.

How do I remove AdBlue warning?

There’s no manual way of resetting your AdBlue warning light – the only thing you can do is top up. Once you’ve refilled to the minimum level, the warning light will disappear.

Is there only 1 type of AdBlue?

AdBlue is a proprietary name, like Hoover and iPhone: i.e. there are not different types or brands of AdBlue, though there may at any time be different brands selling other urea-based solutions that perform the same function. AdBlue is stored in a tank in the vehicle, and is injected into the SCR system as required.

What happens if AdBlue is empty?

If the AdBlue® tank is empty, your car won’t restart once the ignition is turned off. This isn’t a fault, but part of the system design. The system will need a full top-up before the car can be restarted.

What happens if a truck runs out of AdBlue?

What happens if your car runs out of AdBlue? If you run out of AdBlue while you’re driving, then the engine’s power and performance will be reduced to ‘limp home’ mode to limit its emissions and once the engine has stopped, it won’t re-start until the AdBlue tank is refilled.

How to install AdBlue emulator on a Renault truck?

This is AdBlue Emulator V4 installation manual for Renault trucks (Magnum, Premium, Midlum and Kerax) equipped with AdBlue SCR system and NOx sensor. First of all you need to have emulator prepared for Renault trucks. If you have purchased emulator that is not prepared for Renault trucks you need to program it yourself.

Where are the cables for AdBlue on a Renault?

These cables are located on the left side of the steering wheel on the bottom of the panel under the OBD connector (actually these cables are connected to OBD connector). You need to remove the panel cover to access those cables.

Is the AdBlue emulator illegal in some countries?

AdBlue emulators are illegal in some countries. You should check your local laws or laws of those countries that you might cross with your vehicle. AdBlue emulator alters SCR system thus makes the vehicle to produce higher exhaust gas emissions.