Are there any issues with my 2000 International 4700?

Are there any issues with my 2000 International 4700?

Discussion in ‘ Trucks ‘ started by Treetop, Oct 6, 2018 . Hello, i have a 2000 international 4700 with a dt466e. It was overhauled about 7,000 miles ago. Runs great until a few days ago. I thought water in fuel so i changed fuel filter and checked for water in tank. Changed oil today to look for anything out of the ordinary.

What makes a 2003 International 4300 sputter and Miss?

I have a 2003 International 4300 with a DT466. I just had all the O-rings on the injectors replaced along with the wiring harness that goes to the injectors. Now once the truck gets up to running temp it starts to sputter/miss. Truck runs GREAT cold but once warm gets worse.

What kind of engine does an International 4700 have?

We have a 2000 International 4700 with a DT466E Engine. The engine is new, the injectors are all new, the MAP Sensor is new, the Baro Sensor is new, the Cam Sensor is new, the High Pressure Oil Pump is new, the fuel sensor and regulators are new, the computer is new.

Is the DT466 over heating still a problem?

We have a 2001 International 4700 with the Dt466. The cooling sytem has been gone through but it is still having overheating problems. Does anybody know of any fixes or a better radiator design than this 1/2 of a radiator crap.

What should fuel psi be on dt466e International diesel?

Usually when we get no start cold but fires and runs after using ether it might be injectors, but you need to do the fuel checks I posted and let me know. If you don’t have a fuel psi gauge, autozone loans them out. I like to have around 60psi I have seen them run ok above 45psi.

What causes loss of power on DT466 truck?

Check that all your turbo hoses are connected and not broken. this will cause a loss of boost. They’re all good. Turbo just isn’t noticeable really like it used to be. Truck is just starting to run slow anymore.

Are there any issues with the 2000 dt466e?

Walkerv thanks for the heads up on the injectors. It’s not noticeable on cold start. It runs perfect thru all rpms until it gets to 180. TVA it starts fine either way. I was running it last night to get it to temperature, it seems to idle ok after 180 degrees.

Why is my 2000 dt466e losing coolant?

If cooling wasn’t holding pressure it’s either A leaking externally outside the engine or B going into the engine which would show up in oil or you would smell it coming out the exhaust and he said he doesn’t see anything in the oil. Plus would be losing coolant too. It’s not losing coolant and the oil i drained out was good.

What causes an oil leak in a 2000 dt466e?

Possible causes in order of likelihood: leak in the oil manifold, leak in the oil side of the injectors, blocked or faulty high pressure oil regulator, failing high pressure oil pump, starvation of high pressure pump. A good IH shop should be able to check the oil pressure while running. That should narrow it down. Click to expand…

How much does a Navistar i530e oil pump cost?

Brand New HEUI Injector for 1995-1997 Navistar i530E – 250 to 300 HP | Alliant Power # AP63808BD – OEM Part #’s: 1824741C2, 1824744C94, 1824920C2, 1824931C94, 2593591C91 $416.02 $1,343.00 $1,254.00 Navistar DT466 / I530E / DT530 / HT530 High Pressure Oil Pump # HP020X $1,343.00

Where is the oil pressure regulator on a dt466e?

The oil pressure regulator is located behind the oil cooler. I would pull it and see if the spring broke or the valve stuck open. Make sure when you re install the pump you prime it. Engine assembly lube white grease works well.

How does the high pressure oil pump work on a DT466?

The high pressure oil pump that operates the injectors is fed oil by the lube pump through a reservoir in the front gear cover. When you start a DT466E after an oil change it will start and run for a few seconds and quit then after a few seconds of cranking it will start again and run the oil pressure gauge will start to move at the same time.