Are there any problems with the 2005 Subaru Legacy?

Are there any problems with the 2005 Subaru Legacy?

Curious how the 2005 Legacy compares to other years? Check out our Subaru Legacy overview to see the most problematic years, worst problems and most recently reported complaints with the Legacy.

How do you start a Subaru Outback Legacy?

If you hear the pump running, turning the key to ON and getting fuel pressure built up should get the car to start when you turn the key to CRANK. Well I did go ahead and clean the terminals.

Why does my Subaru Outback turn over but not start?

If it’s turning over the problem isn’t the battery. Since the car does run and the battery checked out, I’d lean towards a fuel pressure problem. I have a vehicle that’s bleeding off fuel pressure somewhere if it sits for an extended period of time and will do the same thing, turn over but not start. Try this as a test.

Why is the battery on my Subaru Legacy not working?

Battery discharges very quickly and also isn’t able to power up the vehicle on a cold day.

What kind of engine does a Subaru Legacy have?

Great Gas mileage, super reliable engine, I have the 4 cylinder 2.5i. I do all my own work as I am a mechanic and parts are very reasonable price wise and easy to install.

Do you need lower miles to buy Subaru Legacy?

If you are thinking of purchasing one, I recommend getting a legacy with lower miles, because getting up close to 200,000 miles, every component in the whole car tends to deteriorate. However even with all the issues, she still drives like a champ. Getting a new car soon.

When did the power steering pump go out on the Subaru Legacy?

The power steering pump needed to be replaced at about 180K, and the blower motor went out around 125K, but other than those two things, never had any major mechanical issues. The sound system was absolutely AMAZING and it was STOCK – never upgraded it, didn’t see the need.

Are there any problems with the 2005 Subaru Outback?

2005 Subaru Outback Problems In 2005, the Subaru Outback had issues with things like the head gasket leaking, issues with speed control, as well as clutch problems. A number of drivers reported things like the clutch failing even though they were at fairly low mileage still. There were nine recalls issued for the 2005 Subaru Outback model year.

When did the Subaru Legacy GT come out?

Subaru diehards know that the company has been building turbocharged Legacys for the Japanese market since the early 1990s, but 2005 marks the first time that the U.S. GT version will pack a serious punch.

How long has the Subaru Outback been in production?

Even though as we said the Outback has been in production since 1994, we’ll simply focus on models from 2005 to the present. Any further back than 15 years and you’re courting danger with potential problems that could arise from a vehicle that old.

What kind of transmission does a Subaru Legacy GT have?

(As a side-note, the 1994 Legacy GT trim used the non-turbo EJ22E.) The sedan was available with strengthened 4EAT Automatic transmission or a stronger 5-speed manual transmission.

How is the Subaru Legacy compared to other cars?

Drivers come in different sizes, shop for cars on different budgets, and travel on different roads. Consumer Reports ranked Subaru against other brands based on multiple factors like adjustability, value, and more. Invalid Zip Code. Need to connect with a Hawaiian retailer? Visit Subaru of Hawaii. Ready to see a Subaru in person?

What’s the world speed record for a Subaru Legacy?

On April 23, 1998, a Generation III Subaru Legacy set a new world speed record for mass-produced turbocharged station wagons with small engines (1,600 cc-2,000 cc class), clocking 270.532 km/h (168.101 mph) over one kilometer on Highway 10 in La Junta, Colorado.

This is my second Subaru (First was a 2003 Outback 5/5 for another unbelievably reliable car) This car is amazing in all terrain, I live in New England and can drive right through any snow that is thrown at us. Great Gas mileage, super reliable engine, I have the 4 cylinder 2.5i.

Is the Subaru Legacy Trans a good car?

The Legacy trans has slipped since new and Subaru at first denied the problem then lied about it. I had to sue them (I won). At 63,000 miles, no import should need this many repairs that total far more than the car’s value. This basically makes it a disposable commodity. I will NEVER purchase another Subaru product in my life.