Are there any problems with the M11 Cummins Engine?

Are there any problems with the M11 Cummins Engine?

Oil leaks at the front accessory drive cover and at the pass through connector at the back of the head and at the oil pan and at the compressor mount. Only real problem was it had a sunken liner when we bought it and it took three head gaskets and two heads before we found the right mechanic. There’s worse engines.

How can I increase power in my Cummins RV?

Connect the wiring harness supplied with the Power Module to both open connectors from the Injection pump Harness. These units are adjustable between 15-35% power increase. Our products feature factory style connectors for easy trouble free connections. You can simply connect the HDT-VP44 module & GO!

Can a hdt-caps5 be added to a Cummins RV?

The HDT-CAPS5 Module is able to add an additional 15-35% more adjustable power! NO WIRE CUTTING or soldering required. These units will have the ability to be adjusted between 15-45% power increase and connect to the engines fuel rail pressure sensor.

How to remote tune a Cummins RV engine?

REMOTE TUNING NOW AVAILABLE FOR 2008 AND NEWER ENGINES! No more sending the engine computer in for programming and additional down time! Simply contact us with your engine serial number and schedule one of our 10 laptop packages that include everything needed to connect our laptop to your truck for programming.

How many miles does a Cummins M11 CELECT have?

1997 USED CUMMINS M11 CELECT TRUCK ENGINE VIN 1FV6TMDB4VH698906 Displacement 10.8L DESCRIPTION (USED) 1997 Freightliner FL112 – CUMMINS M11 with 177K miles. Government maintained engine. Eng… See More Details

How big is the flywheel housing on a Cummins M11?

Good used, cleaned and inspected Cummins M11 Celect Flywheel Housing. Part Number: 3821681 ShippingLength: 26.00 in. ShippingWidth: 26.00 in. ShippingHeight: 6.00 in. Good used, cleaned and inspected Cummins M11 Celect Flywheel Housing.

What are the Probs of a Cummins truck?

Just a few small probs like valve cover gasket, compressor, Horton fan clutch and typical binder electrical stuff otherwise good stuff. Not the toughest kid on the block but it came to work everyday and yanked my tank. Been perfect with more gears and steeper rears.

Which is better a ACERT or a M11?

Still beats a ACERT or a DPF or a DEF IMO. Cetane+ Thanks this. Glasco,Ks. M11 is a great “little” motor, they are only 10.8 litre’s, they were never meant to be spec’d for constant 80,000 use, at least not at highway speeds.

Why is there white smoke coming from my Cummins Engine?

Water or oil in the fuel: Clean fuel will burn properly, but if there is anything added in, it can prevent the fuel from burning as it should. If water or oil is in the mix, it may be the cause of white smoke coming from the engine. Water can cause major disruption, so it needs to be taken care of promptly.

What can go wrong with a Cummins diesel engine?

What Can Go Wrong With Cummins Diesel Engines? 1 1. Engine Not Starting or Hard to Start. In some cases, diesel engines will flat-out refuse to start. When an engine experiences difficulties starting 2 2. Running Rough at a Lower RPM. 3 3. Lack of Power. 4 4. Black Smoke. 5 5. White Smoke.

What should I use to get my air compressor to start pumping?

Spray wd40 into the compressor intake while running till it starts pumping. Takes full can of wd40 to get it unstuck , depending on how much carbon build up you got .

What kind of engine does a 97 Peterbilt have?

Today I saw a beautiful 97 Peterbilt with a M11 cummins 350 hp and transmission super 10. Can some talk me about this engine? and if the engines has enough power to pull flatbed with pipes because looks very small Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport.

How much money does a Cummins truck have?

We bought it with 650k on it and now it has around 1.2 million on it and the only thing we’ve done to it are a couple of injectors, rods/mains at 900k, air compressor, and radiator. It’s been regulated to local grain hauling for the last few years but before that we pulled a bullrack with it and it was consistently loaded heavy.

How long does a ym240 diesel engine run?

I started my YM240 (24 hp diesel) this spring and it runs absolutely fine for about 1/2 hour – plenty of power under load, no smoke, no blowby, everything seems normal. Then, after about 1/2 hour it starts losing power and in a period of about 3-4 minutes it loses so much power that it can’t climb a small grade unless I drop it into 1st gear.