Can a MaxxForce DT diesel engine have no codes?

Can a MaxxForce DT diesel engine have no codes?

If a Maxxforce DT diesel engine in our fleet experiences low power with no codes we will be pursuing the same areas we looked at for this fix. As a matter of fact there is another bus in our fleet with similar problems. Experience has paid off once again.

Why is no start 2010 MaxxForce DT not working?

First, engine oil runs the high pressure side. Make sure you have oil in it. Then, for what ever reason it cannot build high pressure. Either there is a massive leak, pump failure, IPR failure or simple ICP sensor failure. Most common are the connector right at the IPR. There are updates for it.

Why did my Maxxforce Engine flip a code?

The on board computer works with percentages when opening and closing the valves on the EGR so one would think that if the program that runs the engine noticed a wrong percentile it would flip a code. Regardless of that the problem got repaired and everybody is happy.

Where is the ICP sensor on a MaxxForce DT?

The ICP sensor is under the valve cover on the rail. Remove the Injection control pressure regulator and see if the screen is blown out. You may have a failed regulator.

When did the International Maxxforce Engine come out?

International MaxxForce engines built in 2013 and after will already come with the fix. An International dealer can determine whether pre-2013 engines have been updated with the improved parts.

When was the MaxxForce 7 diesel engine discontinued?

This was an engine that was put into production around 2003 and some say it was discontinued in 2012 while others say it survived for another 4 years. The engine had some of the DT 466 inline 6 applications helping the 7 to get off to a great production start. Between 2003 and 2010, Ford was the main consumer and user of this motor.

Is there service kit for MaxxForce diesel engine?

A service kit is available for the MaxxForce DT diesel engines that allows mechanics to disassemble the low pressure and high pressure turbocharger on the compressor side (intake) and remove the soot buildup.

Why does my MaxxForce DT have low power?

It’s also recommended to check the air filter for any restriction. This of course will cause more of a low pressure area in the intake system. If you’re working on the MaxxForce DT you must have the servicemaxx software. After this operation is completed a MAF recalibration is needed.

What to do about a low power no code?

MaxxForce DT Preventive Maintenance Low Power No Codes This condition no power no codes is a common problem with diesel engines. So the first steps are simple like checking for obvious problems with the fuel injection and air intake system. The fuel filters and air filter are exactly where you want to start.

Where are the temperature sensors on a MaxxForce DT?

Another area was the boost and temperature sensors on the driver’s side below the intake throttle and EGR valves. Both were fairly clean so the EGR which is surrounded constantly by hot exhaust gases was the next best choice.

What’s the oil level on a MaxxForce IC DT?

Fuel transfer pump leaks at the shaft into the crankcase. Serviced our one ’11 IC DT today and the oil level was right on the money beforehand and the fuel filter appeared normal….. an amber color….. for 6K miles. None of our earlier Maxxforce buses have shown any abnormal fuel filter colors or oil levels.

Where is oil pressure sensor on dt466e diesel?

If the engine has an air compressor there will be a Tee in that spot with the sensor and an oil line to the compressor. If you have oil pressure IPR has probably failed. below the rear of the HPOP. If the engine has an air compressor there will be a Tee in that spot with the sensor and an oil line to the compressor. If you have oil pressure