Can you replace an instrument cluster in a GM Silverado?

Can you replace an instrument cluster in a GM Silverado?

GM will replace instrument clusters with used instrument clusters that have been rebuilt when a replacement is required. They then send your old instrument cluster to their 3rd party repair partner to be rebuilt and sold to the next customer needing it.

Are there any problems with the GM gauge clusters?

The next most common problem seen on GM instrument clusters are failing digital displays. This problem is unrelated to the stepper motor problem but is often seen in the same clusters. Most GM gauge clusters of this time frame have two digital displays – the odometer and the gear indicator (commonly called the PRNDL screen).

What did the GM instrument cluster settlement do?

The GM Instrument Cluster Settlement was a 2008 class action settlement awarded to owners of certain General Motors vehicles with allegedly defective speedometers. The settlement allows the owner or lessee to get their instrument cluster replaced under the terms of a special coverage adjustment to their factory standard warranty.

What kind of back lighting does a GM Silverado use?

The night time back lighting used in most GM instrument clusters of this era are incandescent bulbs which burn out with age, long before the vehicle is taken off the road. The bulbs are soldered directly to the circuit board and replacements are available through specialty supply houses.

When did the GMC instrument cluster get rebuilt?

This is a complete rebuild of the instrument cluster on 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 GMC vehicles including Denali, Sierra gas and diesel, and Yukon. Our repair service is the easiest way to get back on the road and the ONLY…

Where is the fuse box located in a GMC Yukon?

The underhood fuse/relay center is located in the rear of the engine compartment near the brake fluid reservoir. GMC Yukon – fuse box – engine compartment *1 — Gasoline Engine and Fuel Injection Rail #2. *2 — Gasoline Engine and Fuel Injection Rail #1. *3 — Gasoline Engine; Oxygen Sensors. *4 — Gasoline Engine; Oxygen Sensors. *5 — PCM Ignition

When is the best time to rebuild a GM cluster?

When your cluster is already out of your car anyway, there’s no better time to make some simple changes for a drastically improved appearance. All of our upgrades even come discounted for customers who opt for a full cluster rebuild

Can a GMC Savana instrument cluster be repaired?

This is an instrument cluster repair service for a 2003-2007 GMC Savana 1500, 2500, or 3500. If your GMC Savana Instrument Cluster is experiencing gauge issues or back lighting failure, then we can help!