Does Washington University require an interview?

Does Washington University require an interview?

They are not required as part of the admission application process. Virtual Interviews allow you to spend 15-20 minutes chatting one-on-one with a current student. These casual conversations allow you to both learn more about WashU and tell us more about yourself and your academic and extracurricular interests.

Does Lehigh do interviews?

Interviews are not required for admission to Lehigh. Interviews are designed for students who have specific questions about Lehigh that can be best addressed in an individual setting and/or for those who want to provide context for information that will be in their application.

How do I prepare for a Georgetown interview?

Come prepared with at least 5-10 questions to ask. If being interviewed by an alum, pick their brain about why they chose the school and what were their favorite and least favorite aspects, in an effort to basically get them talking about themselves for the last few minutes of the interview.

Should I do a Northwestern Law interview?

Admissions Interviews Interviews are optional and provide the Admissions Committee with additional information about the applicant’s interpersonal and communication skills, maturity, and motivation.

What does Northwestern look for in applicants?

Regardless of the GPA scale your high school used, Northwestern is considered an extremely competitive school. Test scores can represent your work ethic, confidence, and perseverance, and Northwestern wants hard-working students. However, they also want students who prize integrity, community involvement, and honesty.

Does everyone get an interview at Georgetown?

No interviews are given on campus. Upon receipt of the Georgetown Application, applicants are assigned to a local interviewing committee in their region based upon their school year address. It is the responsibility of the student to contact their interviewer and set up a meeting.

When do you get interview with Washu alumni?

Interviews with WashU alumni volunteers are offered to students who apply for admission, beginning in the fall. We are unable to provide more than one interview to any prospective student, and not all students will be able to interview due to the limited number of interviewers.

Is there an alumni interview for early decision?

Available to Early Decision I and II, and Regular Decision applicants through our Alumni and Parents Admission Program (APAP). APAP is unable to take direct requests for alumni interviews. Once you submit an application for admission, APAP will pass your contact information on to alumni volunteers.

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