How are hydraulics used in a Komatsu excavator?

How are hydraulics used in a Komatsu excavator?

The hydraulic pump is used as the power source for the hydraulic system, and its operating conditions affect the degree of system fever. Komatsu excavators repair the electrical parts and main components of engines, hydraulics, height-controlled engines and hydraulics, all developed and produced by Komatsu itself.

Which is the best manual for Komatsu workshop?

It is the finest and most up-to-date Komatsu workshop manual reference available. This Komatsu Service Manual is a “must have” for every machine, including…. Bulldozers – D21 – D31- D37 – D39 – D51 – D61 – D65 – D85 – D155 – D275 – D375 – D475 – D575

How can a fault be eliminated in a Komatsu?

During the rotation of the damper damper, a large amount of heat (Heat) is generated and transmitted to the hydraulic pump, causing the system to heat up. At this point, the fault can be eliminated by draining the shock absorber fluid to the standard oil level.

What makes a Hitachi excavator a good repair tool?

Hitachi excavator repair is known for its high efficiency and innovation. The improved design makes it efficient and safe to operate in small work sites, making it particularly suitable for densely populated urban areas.

Where is the oil return valve in Komatsu?

From the hydraulic system (system diagram) (yuán lǐ) diagram can be seen, hydraulic system oil filter (Filter) check valve and hydraulic oil (Hydraulic) radiator (reducing the heat generated when the equipment is running) and connected to the oil return At the outlet of the filter element (see PC200-7 Hydraulic System Schematic).

What should I do if my Komatsu heat sink is not working?

In addition to the intuitive judgment of the former two, it is also known from the temperature difference between the upper and lower tubes of the radiator that the heat sink should be cleaned and the fan belt should be tightened.