How big is the 92 mm throttle body?

How big is the 92 mm throttle body?

The FAST 92-mm throttle body measured 3.540 inches in diameter, considerably smaller than the nearly 3.70-inch opening in the LS3 intake. We couldn’t help but wonder if there was more power to be had from a larger throttle body?

What kind of throttle body does GM use?

‘Fly-by-wire’ systems are being used in a lot of cars and pickups on the road today and one of the most common ‘Fly-by-Wire’ systems in use is the one that graces most of the newer GM pickups: the Electronic Throttle Body. Everything you read about these systems indicate that they are the best thing to ever happen to automobiles.

How big is the throttle opening on the LS3?

The factory LS3 throttle body featured a throttle opening designed for use with the stock 90-mm DBW throttle body. The throttle opening in the LS3 intake actually measured 3.698 inches.

What kind of throttle body does a 2008 Ly6 have?

Our test motor started out life as a 2008 LY6 featuring Variable Valve Timing (VVT), LS3-style rec-port heads and a drive-by-wire throttle body. The factory LY6 intake was replaced by the low-profile, factory LS3 intake. We also replaced the factory LY6 injectors with these 89-pounders from FAST (for later boost runs).

Where is the throttle body located in a car?

Typically, in most vehicles, the throttle body can be found in between the intake manifold and the air filter or air cleaner of the engine system. Usually, the aluminum is used for the making of the throttle body. The location of the throttle body can be a little different for different vehicles.

Which is the best throttle body intake manifold?

Edelbrock High Flow Intake Elbow for 95mm Throttle Body to 4150… Edelbrock High Flow Intake Elbow for 95mm Throttle Body to 4500… Edelbrock Victor Jr. LS1/LS2 Competition EFI Intake Manifold… Edelbrock Victor Jr. LS1/LS2 Competiton EFI Intake Manifold &…

How is the throttle body connected to the PCM?

The throttle body is linked with a throttle body position sensor which collects information regarding the amount of air entering the intake. The sensor then transfers this information to the PCM which decides how much fuel should be mixed for an effective combustion process.

Is the Pontiac Safari the same as the GMC Safari?

As GMC was half of the Pontiac/GMC Division (later including Buick), from 1985 to 1989, both GMC and Pontiac Safaris were simultaneously offered through the same dealership network. Initial advertising boasted that it was a vehicle that will “make you realize that life is too big for a minivan “, referring to the Chrysler minivans.