How do I Turn Off my Auto lights?

How do I Turn Off my Auto lights?

Expose the Ambient Light Sensor to bright light (e.g. sun). After a short delay, the lights should shut off. Cover the Sensor again and the lights should come on after a short delay.

Is there a way to turn off the DRL lights?

Using the switch to turn off the lights by rotating the knob with turn them off but only for that drive cycle. The next time you get in the truck and start it up, they will come back on. You would need to turn it off each time you drive. Yes, fully understand the DRL’s cannot be controlled by the switch on the dash. Fuses can deal with that.

Do you have to run the engine to turn off the lights?

Engine does not have to be running: 1 – Cover the Ambient Light Sensor that’s in the middle top of the dash so that it’s completely in the dark, simulating night conditions. NRA’s “America’s 1st Freedom” magazine is good for this.

How to turn off automatic headlights on Chevy Silverado?

For the temporary solution, all you have to do is press the dome override button four times in a row and it will shut off the automatic headlights. You can press it four more times to turn it back on or just restart the truck to reset it.

How to disable the light sensor on a Chevy Silverado?

Having your headlights come on automatically is great, but sometimes you just want to turn it off. This how-to will show you a couple ways to disable the daylight sensor on your Silverado 1500.

How can I Turn Off the lights in my car?

2. Press the DOME OVERRIDE button four times within six seconds. A chime will sound informing you that the system is off. The system will remain disabled until the ignition is cycled off and then on or by pressing the DOME OVERRIDE button four more times within six seconds.

Can you use headlight switch to control fog lights?

You can still use the headlight switch to control the headlights and fog lights when you need them. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, follow the instructions below. Put the emergency brake on and shift the truck into its lowest gear. Then lower the steering wheel.