How do you change a drive belt on a Yamaha Grizzly?

How do you change a drive belt on a Yamaha Grizzly?

Yamaha Grizzly Drive Belt Change

  1. Remove the footrest cover, the upper seat panel, and the center panel from your machine.
  2. Remove the bearing carrier from the primary sheave for easier access to the drive belt.
  3. Tighten two 10mm bolts with a 6mm thread to open up and release the secondary sheave.

Is a Yamaha Grizzly belt driven?

This includes ATVs with belt-driven, CVT transmissions, as well as ATVs with a gearbox and clutch transmission setup….What ATVs are shaft-driven?

Brand and model Transmission type Driveline
Yamaha Kodiak series CVT belt-drive Shaft and axle drive
Yamaha Grizzly series CVT belt-drive Shaft and axle drive

What is override on Yamaha Grizzly?

An override button allows engine to reach maximum rpm in full diff lock mode, and a straight driveshaft layout eliminates U-joints for reduced friction, noise, vibration, and maintenance.

Whats the difference between a Yamaha Grizzly and a Yamaha Kodiak?

With an extra two inches of width compared to the Kodiak (48.4 vs 46.5), the Yamaha Grizzly is a bit more stable when running at high speed over a trail. It is also half an inch taller, providing the same amount of extra ground clearance.

Do Can Ams have belts?

Our ATV drive belts are developed alongside each vehicle to perfectly match drivetrain calibration and deliver maximum performance.

Is the Can-Am defender belt-driven?

Can-Am found the best A/C performance with a belt-driven, variable compressor. A variable compressor offers more capacity at low engine rpm and reduces the flow of refrigerant in the circuit when the desired temperature is reached.

Should I buy a Kodiak or grizzly?

If you are looking for a light romp through the woods to enjoy nature, the Kodiak is quite competent at that. As your need for speed or technical trails increase, the Grizzly becomes the tool of choice. Both can be the workhorse, but only one will excel at spirited recreational riding.