How do you reduce the temperature of exhaust gas?

How do you reduce the temperature of exhaust gas?

Exhaust gases recirculation system reduces NOx emissions. The reduction occurs by reintroducing in the engine cylinders of a part of the exhaust gases. Thus, the amount of molecular oxygen in the cylinders reduces, which, by changing the combustion rate of the fuel, reduces the temperature per cycle.

What does an exhaust gas temperature sensor do?

As its name suggests, the exhaust gas temperature sensor measures the temperature of the exhaust gas. This information is then relayed back to the engine control unit or ECU, where appropriate action is taken.

What does it mean when car is running hot but not overheating?

Normally, the gauge shows the average temperature, which means it is not too hot or too cold. This means everything works fine until you see that gauge to be running hot. The gauge running hot indicates that the engine is excessively hot that it can breakdown.

What should I do if my engine temperature goes up?

Check your coolant level regularly, adding fresh coolant as needed. Be sure to use the right coolant type and to mix with water. Check your oil and other fluids regularly, topping up and changing them as recommended If you notice that your temperature gauge starts reading higher than normal, have your mechanic check it right away.

When does the engine temperature warning light come on?

When working properly, the cooling system keeps the engine running at peak efficiency and at its ideal operating temperature. Upon starting, the engine temperature warning light should come on and then go off in two seconds or less. But if it stays on, or comes on while you’re driving, there’s a problem.

What are the different types of engine temperature warning systems?

There are several types of engine temperature warning systems on vehicles. A temperature gauge that has a red light at the hot end of the temperature range A red or yellow light that will come on and even blink when the engine temperature is too high A messaging system that will flash “engine overheating” in the driver information center.