How do you remove window glass in a Ford manual?

How do you remove window glass in a Ford manual?

Detach the channel from the door and remove the door glass as described previously in this Section for models with manual windows. 50 Grip the motor mounting plate in one hand and the regulator in the other. Raise the regulator and at the same time pull the motor towards the hinge end of the door.

How to remove glass from front door window?

9 Carefully peel back the waterproof sheet from the door. 10 Remove the door weatherstrip and rubber end block. 11 Lower the window and, working through the aperture, disconnect the linkage arms from the bottom rail. 12 Lift the glass upwards from the door.

How to remove a window regulator from a Ford door?

3 Prise off the inner and outer glass weatherstrips. 4 Lower the window so that the regulator connector is level with the door lower aperture. 5 Remove the single screw which retains the glass run extension (accessible through the small aperture at the lower corner of the door) (see illustration).

How to remove quarter window from Ford door?

24 Remove the upper and lower screws which secure the divisional channel and quarter window in position. Remove the door quarter window. 25 Detach the window channel from the regulator ball and socket joints then raise and remove the window from the interior side of the door. 26 Refitting of the door glass is the reversal of the removal procedure.

How to install and remove window regulator 741-644?

STEP 1d: Disconnect electrical connections to switch. STEP 1e: Gently pry around door lock bezel and unsnap it from door panel. Unclip from door lock rod and remove. STEP 1f: Using a 7mm socket, remove the 3 highlighted screws. STEP 1g: Lift trim panel up and remove from door. INSTALL/REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS: WINDOW REGULATOR 741-644

What should I use to replace window glass on my Ford F-150?

If you are using a flat head screwdriver, wrap the end in painter’s or electrical tape to prevent it from damaging your trim. If your old window is shattered inside the door, you’ll have to remove all the big pieces by hand.

What kind of glass is on a Mopar door?

DMT 2pc lower lock side door glass run channel guide for all 68-70 B body coupe/post (the cars with rear quarter pop out windows). These line the metal channel that guides the rear edge of the door glass. See Mopar Parts Manual diagram. 1968 68 1969 69… DMT 2pcs .045″ x 1-1/2″ x 36″ glass setting tape for all MOPAR applications.

How do you remove a window switch regulator?

Removal Instructions STEP 1: Gain access to the window regulator assembly by removing the interior trim panel. STEP 2: With interior panel removed, peel back the plastic water barrier enough to be able to remove the regulator. STEP 3: Reconnect the window switch electrical connector.