How fast is a Yamaha 242 Limited S?

How fast is a Yamaha 242 Limited S?

Time to 30 mph came in at a little more than four seconds with two passengers. Yamaha’s new 1.8-liter engines operate at a much lower speed – WOT is 7,500 rpm rather than 10,000 – so the tone from the engine bay is more pleasing.

What is the fastest Yamaha jet boat?

The Yamaha 275 Series boats are the first to feature twin, supercharged Yamaha 1.8L SVHO marine engines that can produce a top speed exceeding 50 mph.

How fast is a Yamaha ar250?

Top speed is definitely under whelming, but given the weight and power it’s not to shabby at @43-45mph.

How fast does a Yamaha 212x go?

Twin 1.8 liter High Output Yamaha Marine engines provide the power to go from zero-to-30 in under 4 seconds, with a top-end speed of over 55 miles-per-hour.

Do Yamaha boats hold their value?

And YAMAHA’s legendary commitment to quality stands fully behind the all-YAMAHA boat and drivetrain. No wonder YAMAHA is the best-selling boat among those in the 19-24′ open bow category. Second, when they do trade, their boats hold their value in the used Yamaha boat market.

How much is a Yamaha 242 Limited S?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $62,499 $60,700
Options (Add)
Total Price $62,499 $60,700

Are Yamaha boats any good?

Yamaha boats are unmatched leisure products and among the best when it comes to design features and engine systems. Yamaha ensures people to believe in excellence for a more fulfilling life around the world. Whether new Yamaha boats or pre-owned, they are the best due to its design features and its engine systems.

How fast will a jet boat go?

They’re Twice as Loud When You Cross the 30 MPH Threshold Jet skis have an average speed of 65 mph. Jet boats go a mean of 25 miles but can go way beyond that in the event the water jets are more efficient (approximately 60 miles ).

How fast is a Yamaha ar240?

How long do jet boat engines last?

The average marine gasoline engine runs for 1,500 hours before needing a major overhaul. The average marine diesel engine will run for more than three times that long and log an average 5,000 hours under the same conditions.

How much horsepower do Yamaha boats have?

Twin 1.8-liter four-cylinder marine engines put out 180 horsepower each through jet drives. They’re inboards, freeing up space at the transom. The engines aren’t mounted directly to the hull.

What is the horsepower of a Yamaha 212X?


Base price $60,899 (USD)
Power 360 hp @ 7,600 rpm (2×180 hp)
Induction Atmospheric
Fuel requirement Regular

How big is the bow of the Yamaha sx240?

Spacious and affordable, the family-friendly SX240 combines reliable Yamaha marine engine performance with a wealth of advanced technology. This 24-foot boat is packed with premium amenities from the spacious bow to the award-winning, two-tier stern lounge.

How much fuel does a Yamaha sx240 Ho have?

Yamaha’s SX240 HO melds performance handling with a comfortable layout. Fuel Capacity: 50 gal. Seems like everyone is taking a shot at building jet boats this year.

What’s the top speed of a Yamaha sx210?

Our most efficient cruising speed was 31.5 mph at 6,500 rpm, which yielded a range of about 177 miles. In both cases the SX210 was pretty loud with 109 dBa at top speed and 97 dBa at cruising speed. Handling at top speed was admirable without a hint of slop in the wheel.

What’s the top speed of a Yamaha ex sport?

Just like the EX WaveRunner, the Yamaha EX Sport can go as fast as 50 mph, and you can expect the same top speed on the EX Deluxe as well. How fast is the Yamaha EX Deluxe? The Yamaha EX Deluxe top speed is 50 mph as well, as these models arrive with the same engine option as the basic EX WaveRunner.