How is pressure controlled in a fuel injection system?

How is pressure controlled in a fuel injection system?

Another means is to vary the effective displacement of the high pressure pump. By carefully controlling the amount of fuel entering the pump and avoiding compression of excess fuel to high pressure, the fuel injection system hydraulic efficiency can be improved and generation of excessively high fuel temperatures can be avoided.

How does an inlet metering valve work in a fuel pump?

Inlet metering with a fast response bipolar (on/off) inlet metering valve that is able to cycle during each pumping cycle has also been proposed [ Harcombe 2013]. The duration of the valve open period determines the amount of fuel drawn into the pump.

What should I do if my fuel pressure is low?

If the pressure is lower than the minimum spec (275 bar [3989 psi]), replace the injector nozzle holder. If the pressure is within the spec, proceed to the next step. Run a compression test using minidiag2, ProLink reader, or DDDL 5.0 (refer to the Diagnostic Tool Manual for instructions to run this test).

What happens when fuel is spilled at high pressure?

Fuel not needed at high pressure is spilled back to the low pressure circuit. By closing the valve earlier or later, the amount of fuel compressed can be increased or decreased respectively. A poppet-type valve is not pressure balanced (i.e., it is pressure-biased) so that once closed, high pressure generated in the pump helps to seal the valve.

How do you change the fuel line in a Ford?

Slip the cap off and connect the pressure gauge to the pressure relief valve. Use the valve to drain the fuel into a sealable container, such as a plastic jug or a drain pan. Wait for the excess fuel to drain and then press the pressure relief button. Unhook the pressure gauge from the fuel supply manifold and replace the cap.

How big should the outlet line be for a fuel pump?

The outlet line from the tank should be a minimum of 3/8″ in diameter and 1/2″ is better. The -06 supplied fuel hose will work on ei-ther a 3/8″ or 1/2″ tube. If your current tank has a 5/16″ fuel line coming from the sending unit, do some online searching (search “fuel sending units”) for a replacement FiTech 40004-9 Easy Return Bung Figure 4

How to depressurize Ford fuel line for filter replacement?

Unhook the pressure gauge from the fuel supply manifold and replace the cap. Repressurize the fuel system after you finish replacing the fuel filter. Reconnect the negative battery cable and gas cap. Turn your ignition on for a few seconds, and then turn it off. Repeat this a few times to repressurize the fuel system.

Can you change the fuel line without changing the filter?

If you were to change the fuel filter in your Ford without relieving the fuel system pressure, you would risk a severe injury. There are two methods of depressurizing a Ford fuel line.