How long should I warm my car up for?

How long should I warm my car up for?

Let the engine run for 30 seconds. That’s all it takes in most vehicles that are 30 years old or newer. If it’s extremely cold and your vehicle is covered in snow or ice give it a minute or two longer to warm up.

What causes a Honda to stall while driving?

The classic symptoms are a Honda that stalls while driving or starts and dies when trying to start the engine. The problem is the electrical portion of the Ignition switch. It’s a very common problem with Honda’s and Acura’s going back a number of years.

Why does my car stall when idling at 300 rpm?

The vehicle is also idling very low (200-300 RPM) once it’s warmed up, and occasionally stalls while idling. Just had the car to the dealer for a software update, turns out there was a service bulletin that mentioned this type of issue. The car seems to be running better, idling normally, and less hesitation when accelerating from idle.

Why does my car run fine after a cold start?

This always happens within the first 100 yards after starting the car, and it runs fine after that. It is not throwing any error codes, so if it’s misfiring it’s not reporting it. What would be the likely cause of this behavior? It only seems to happen after a cold start (car has been sitting for > 4 hours).

Why does my car AC blow cold air then blow warm air?

But that cold air turns warm fairly soon after because the high side pressures build to the point that the high pressure switch shuts off the compressor clutch. Once pressures equalize, the high pressure switch allows the compressor to start up again. The cycle repeats over and over, providing a short period of cold air, followed by warm air.

Why did my Honda Civic stall in February?

The two times it stalled in February it was unseasonably warm. As in the snow was melting or completely melted. While the time it stalled in May it was raining after a week of really nice weather. But I am not sure if that is even significant. Because every time it does stall the car takes a few days before the car will take three turns to start.

Is the Honda Civic battery good for a cold start?

If it’s strong, the battery is fine. Honda alternators are usually good for like 8-10 years, so I’d be surprised if that were failing, but even if it were, you’d have symptoms 100% of the time, not just on cold starts. Autozone/Advance will check your battery for free, just in case.

Why does my 2012 Honda Civic not start?

If it’s a 2012 with the factory battery, that’s definitely a possibility. However, I think if the battery were dying, the engine wouldn’t even crank for 10 seconds, so there’s probably more going on here. To get to the root of it, an internal combustion engine needs 3 things to run: air, spark, and fuel.

Why does my Car start hard when it’s cold?

The pressure regulator (relief) valve may have allowed fuel in the line to drain back into the tank. Which when starting the engine would require a longer crank time to get the fuel system back up to pressure. Long as it does not take more than 15 seconds for the engine to start; there is no problem with the car.