How many horsepower is Bobcat 853?

How many horsepower is Bobcat 853?

Here is what we know about the Bobcat 853 Skid Steer Loader. It has a Diesel Engine that produces 58 horsepower. It is a four cylinder and weighs 6500 pounds.

How do you flush a hydraulic system on a skid steer?

Fill the system to approximately 75 percent with the fluid to be used. Bleed/vent the pump. If the pump has a pressure relief or bypass, it should be wide open. Run the pump for 15 seconds, then stop and let it sit for 45 seconds.

What weight is Bobcat hydraulic oil?

A good quality brand of AW hyd oil will work fine. The debate is usually which grade. I’ve used AW32 in Bobcats for years, others would recommend the higher viscosity grade AW46, probably works just as well. IMHO, AW32 works just fine because Bobcat’s have a fairly good oil cooler to control high oil temps.

What engine is in a Bobcat 853?


Engine Make Isuzu
Engine Model 4JB1PK-03

What is the biggest bobcat made?

The T870 is the largest-ever Bobcat® compact track loader. With a lift height of 12 ft., the T870 is the highest-lifting compact track loader on the market. It’s ideal if you load over hay wagons, mortar mixers or tandem axle trucks with side boards.

What kind of hydraulic oil does a bobcat 763 take?

5w-30 motor oil for temperatures below 0 F (-18 C). That’s good enough for me, and works just fine in my 763, but if your not comfortable using off-brand oils, use the Bobcat stuff.

What are the attachments for the bobcat 853?

Operate “high flow’ attachments such as the Bobcat Planer, Wheel Saw, Stump Grinder and the LaBounty Demolition Shear with the 853H Option Package. Also, run other attachments, like the Bobcat Tiller or Model 20 Auger, more efficiently.

What makes Bobcat hydraulic oil filter the best?

Bobcat® equipment offers the highest-rated hydraulic filters. Their pleated media maximizes contaminant holding capacity for a long filter life. The spin-on configuration reduces contamination risk and makes it easy to service. The spiral center tube provides a large flow area with a high collapse strength.

What kind of hydraulics does a bobcat Tiller use?

Also, run other attachments, like the Bobcat Tiller or Model 20 Auger, more efficiently. The 853H Option Package includes front auxiliary hydraulics and a second hydraulic pump that, when activated, allows the system to produce 24 GPM of auxiliary hydraulic flow.

How many GPM does a bobcat wheel saw have?

Special “high flow” attachment controls are sold separately. The 853H high flow auxiliary hydraulic system produces 24 GPM of auxiliary hydraulics flow to power attachments like a Bobcat Planer (above) or the Bobcat Wheel Saw (left) . 1700 LB.