How microarray can be used for gene expression profiling?

How microarray can be used for gene expression profiling?

Microarray technology is capable of simultaneously measuring the expression levels of thousands of genes in a biological sample at the mRNA level. When fluorescence-labelled cDNA is hybridised to these arrays, expression levels of each gene in the human genome can be quantified using laser scanning microscopes.

What did microarray Analyses reveal?

Microarray analysis revealed a time-course transcriptional profile of changed gene expressions. Up-regulated genes belonged to the functional categories mainly related to cell cycle and DNA processing, cell rescue defense and virulence, protein and cell fate, and metabolism (X- and gamma-rays).

How is DNA microarray used in understanding a persons cancer?

DNA microarray technology is a promising approach that allows both qualitative and quantitative screening for sequence variations in the genomic DNA of cancer cells. DNA microarray-based sequence analysis uses comparative hybridization to obtain information ranging from mutational detection to polymorphism genotyping.

What is microarray gene expression?

A microarray is a laboratory tool used to detect the expression of thousands of genes at the same time. The DNA molecules attached to each slide act as probes to detect gene expression, which is also known as the transcriptome or the set of messenger RNA (mRNA) transcripts expressed by a group of genes.

Which step comes first in an experiment using a gene expression microarray?

The first step in using a microarray is to collect healthy and cancerous tissue samples from the patient. This way, doctors can look at what genes are turned on and off in the healthy cells compared to the cancerous cells. Once the tissues samples are obtained, the messenger RNA (mRNA) is isolated from the samples.

How does Gene Expression Microarray work?

The principle behind microarrays is that complementary sequences will bind to each other. The unknown DNA molecules are cut into fragments by restriction endonucleases; fluorescent markers are attached to these DNA fragments. Then the target DNA fragments along with complementary sequences bind to the DNA probes.

How is a microarray a form of biotechnology?

Microarray technology is a developing technology used to study the expression of many genes at once. It involves placing thousands of gene sequences in known locations on a glass slide called a gene chip. Complementary base pairing between the sample and the gene sequences on the chip produces light that is measured.