How often do you have to have maintenance on a Lexus?

How often do you have to have maintenance on a Lexus?

Lexus Free Scheduled Maintenance New Lexus models come with two free maintenance appointments at 6 months/5,000 miles and 12 months/10,000 miles. Depending on your car, this will include at least one oil change – synthetic oil vehicles go 10,000 miles between oil changes, while conventional vehicles go 5,000 miles between oil changes.

What to do after 40, 000 miles on a Lexus?

40,000 miles: Replace motor oil with fresh synthetic oil and a new oil filter. Rotate tires, replace in-cabin air filter, inspect windshield wiper blades, and visually inspect brake pads, calipers and rotors. At this point, we might add that it’s time to begin keeping an eye on tire wear.

Where was the last serviced Lexus LS 460?

Last serviced at 66,426 miles in Wayzata, MN on 06/03/21 • Vehicl… No accident or damage reported to CARFAX… 1st owner purchased on 10/14/15 and owne… Last serviced at 66,426 miles in Wayzata… 1st owner drove an estimated 16,291 mile… No accident or damage reported to CARFAX.

What are the features of a 2011 Lexus LS 460?

Description: Used 2011 Lexus LS 460 L with Tire Pressure Warning, Audio and cruise controls on steering wheel, Stability Control, Heated seats, Auto Climate Control. During these uncertain times, Carvana is dedicated to ensuring safety for all of our customers.

Where was the 2001 Lexus LS 430 last serviced?

Mileage: 147,976 miles Body Type: Sedan Color: Silver Engine: 8 Cyl 4.3 L No accident or damage reported to CARFAX. Purchased on 04/02/01 and owned in IL until 06/12/21. Driven an estimated 1,642 miles/year. Last serviced at 29,046 miles in Cathedral City, CA on 02/27/15 • Vehicle serviced • Tire condition and pressure checked.

Is the Lexus LS 430 a good car?

The seats were worn out and the leather steering wheel was beat, but ran fine. He traded it in on a LS 430 with 30,000 miles, It now has 56,000 miles and it is in the shop right now with a keyless entry problem that Lexus can’t fix, and most of the time there is a warning light coming on for something. Dorschel Lexus is a pretty good dealership.

Can a Lexus LS 400 go over one million miles?

Any thoughts on whether or not a Lexus LS 400 or LS 430 could drive over one million miles on the original engine with proper maintence maintained throughout the cars life, garaged and treated well? Has anyone seen a Lexus with one million miles?

When was the last time I bought a Lexus?

I am just curious. The last Lexus I bought, in 2003, was a 1992 with ~151,000 miles. Seller had receipts for water pump, timing belt replacements at 141,000. I’m curious about the designation “Sport Suspension” which appears behind the front wheelwell on a 2002 LS 430 I’m interested in.