How to install an intake manifold on a small block?

How to install an intake manifold on a small block?

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How do you remove an upper intake manifold?

Remove the 13 mm studs and 10 mm bolts retaining the upper intake manifold. Lift the back end of the intake manifold closest to the power steering pump like a hinge to provide access to the 3/8-inch cooling lines under the throttle bore. Loosen the clamps on the coolant lines and remove the upper intake manifold from the vehicle.

How do you replace an upper intake gasket?

Plug in the harness into the fuel injectors and coolant temperature sensor. Place new upper intake manifold gaskets into place. Put a new gasket on the EGR tube where it meets the upper intake manifold. Reinstall the upper intake manifold. Reinstall the EGR valve. Reinstall the map sensor and bracket.

What kind of gasket to use for air intake?

The original engineering design used a black nylon frame to position silicone gaskets, sealing the air intake passages and coolant passages to the cylinder head. The black nylon cracks and fails over time, allowing the silicone o-rings to shift and leaks to develop.

Are there intake manifolds for the L head engine?

These are the new Intake and Exhausts Manifolds for the L Head Engine. This is a brand new product. These are not the same manifolds that other Jeep suppliers are selling. We have tried those manifolds and they are problematic so we are no longer carrying them.

Where are the oil filter brackets on a GPW?

These are high quality exact reproduction Oil Filter Brackets for the GPW. These brackets are marked for the GPW. This is the bracket that mounts on the Cylinder Head.

What kind of gaskets does a MB GPW use?

These are reproductions of the Motor Mounts used on the MB and GPW. Do to frustration with garbage gaskets we now have a source for very high quality gaskets. These are the best gaskets available today. These are the new Copper covered Head Gaskets available for the L Head Engine. Used on MB, GPW, M38, CJ2A and C3B