Is GMC 1500 Denali a good truck?

Is GMC 1500 Denali a good truck?

The Sierra Denali sorely needs a new interior, but it’s still a competent, capable, and super-comfortable full-size truck. America loves its pickup trucks. They’re big, powerful, and really fit the bill for what a true workhorse of a vehicle should be.

Are there any problems with the GMC Sierra 1500?

Problems with the Transmission. Aside from the engine, it’s vital that your powertrain is operating correctly for you to get down the road. When the components of a powertrain begin to fail, drivers can experience sounds, rough shifting and an unpleasant ride. Owners of the 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 find that the powertrain gives continuous problems.

Is there any air flow in the Denali?

The updated seat ventilation on the Denali is almost useless. On the maximum setting, there is almost no air flow thru the seats, so expect some sweating on hot days with the leather interior Just got back from the dealership and told that all is working correctly, disappointed.

What kind of truck is the GMC Sierra 1500?

The 2008 GMC Sierra 1500 is mechanically similar and closely related to Chevrolet’s Silverado pickups. The 2008 GMC Sierra 1500 is available in base Work Truck (WT), SL, SLE1, and SLE2 models, and SLT trim, with either rear- or four-wheel drive.

Why does my GMC Sierra make a whining noise?

If it changes with the engine, it’s most likely going to be an accessory bolted to the engine (or the radio, shut it off and see if it stops). If it stay constant as you rev the engine it’s going to be something else. A whining sound when accelerating is almost always caused by a bad accessory attached to your Sierra’s engine.

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Why is my Silverado making a clunking noise?

Took it to a local dealer and the diagnosis was, ” a lot of them do that”, said the e clip on the rear axle is hitting the spacer and that is making the noise. I say, BS, that is not acceptable, take it apart and reshim it.

What’s the grinding noise coming from the transmission?

Check to see if the noise desists when you shift the vehicle to park or neutral. A constant whining noise when your car is in gear needs professional attention. If your car has an automatic transmission, one of the most disconcerting noises that you can hear coming from your transmission is a grinding noise.