Is it normal for the timing belt to be off?

Is it normal for the timing belt to be off?

No, that’s not normal. It should be just as smooth and quiet as before. It’s possible that the timing belt is off by a tooth. It’s quite possible they forgot to tighten or to put back altogether, one of the motormounts connections. Ask them to doublecheck on that. “they told me this is normal and takes time to settle down.

What happens to Honda Accord after timing belt change?

ALSO your honda 4cyliner in the Accord has a BALANCE SHAFT belt as well. This is also a very precise allignment procedure while doing the T-belt service. This will make your cars engine vibrate in an unusual manner after a T-belt job.

Why does my serpentine belt squeal when I Turn on the stereo?

Just having the headlights on, alone, doesn’t seem to impact anything, and simply turning the steering wheel while idle or driving doesn’t seem to set it off, either. Additionally, running the stereo fairly loud seems to bring on a bout of squealing from the belts until I turn it off.

What causes low belt tension and belt noise?

Causes: 1 Low belt tension 2 Low installation tension (manually tensioned drives), belt stretch, extreme belt wear, tensioner spring degradation or a belt that is too long 3 High accessory / idler drag 4 Seized bearings or accessory failure / lock –up 5 Environmental contamination

What happens when you change the timing belt?

He changed the timing belt, drive belts, water pump, pulleys, tensioner and a few hoses, and everything seemed to go off without a hitch. After picking up the car, though, we noticed that the idle seemed much rougher than it had in the past.

Why does my serpentine belt make a squealing noise?

My car has 134000 miles. Noise of that type is due to a failed or failing bearing in one of the pulleys or accessories (e.g., alternator, water pump, A/C compressor) that is driven by the serpentine belt, the belt is not properly tensioned, or the rotating pulleys driven by the belt are not all in the same plane.

Why does the belt on my Car Make Noise?

This may be occurring due to any number of factors, including the following: Misaligned tensioner or pulley: If everything isn’t aligned correctly within the belt system, it will cause a slip and begin to make noise.

Why does my air conditioner belt keep making noise?

In this way, the belt keeps your fan, air conditioning, power steering pump, water pump and alternator working. It also indirectly keeps your battery from dying as that is a role of the alternator.