Is there an LED flasher relay for a triumph?

Is there an LED flasher relay for a triumph?

This LED compatible flasher relay solves all of these problems in a simple and cost efficient unit. It is completely plug-and-play for most modern Triumph models (please check the connections before ordering as some years and models may vary).

What are the pins on a Triumph T100?

Suitable for most modern Triumph Bonneville, T100, Scrambler and Thruxton models with the standard 3 pin European style flasher relay connections. Pin numbers are 31 (ground), 49a (load) and 49 (12v in). Also suitable for many other motorcycle and car applications. LED or conventional filament bulbs, or any combination of these.

Can a 3 pin flash relay be used on a Triumph Bonneville?

A 3-pin LED compatible flash relay to fit many of the modern Triumph Bonneville models. Works with any combination of LED and regular filament bulbs.

Can a Stock Indicator Flasher be used on a triumph?

The stock indicator flasher relays fitted as standard to most bikes are designed for use with conventional bulbs and as such require a certain amount of current to flow in order to flash correctly.

Which is Flasher relay for Triumph Bonnevilles?

Earlier Triumph Bonneville models built prior to around 2012 and with VIN number preceding 521669* use an alternative 3-pin fitment for which you should select our 3-pin LED compatible flasher relay model here. *Note: This refers to only the last six digits of the full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), for example SMTTJ9107G9521669.

Where is the turn signal on a triumph?

Nobody seems to know where the relay or flasher is. The left side works fine. Near Fredericton, New Brunswick. Turn the key on and left signal. Should be able to hear the clicking of the relay. More than likely under the left side cover.

Where do I put the flasher unit in my car?

If the car flasher unit is located in an inconvenient place, such as inside the instrument panel, tow-bar centres can supply an additional remote flasher unit instead of a heavy-duty unit. A remote unit can be placed anywhere convenient, such as in the boot. It must be wired into the existing flasher system.

What to do when your Flasher unit stops working?

Tracing faults. If the indicators stop working completely, first check the fuse (See Checking and replacing fuses ). An indication of a blown fuse is that other components in the same circuit stop working. Your car handbook or service manual should tell you which components are in the circuit.