What are some interesting facts about the water cycle?

What are some interesting facts about the water cycle?

Interesting Water Cycle Facts: Water is a resource that cannot be created by man. The sun is the driving force of the water cycle. Whenever water changes from one state to another and moves from one place to another, it either gives off energy or absorbs energy.

How does the water cycle work?

Stage #1 – Evaporation In this stage, the Sun starts to evaporate the water in the water bodies, like oceans, seas, lakes, ponds, and rivers. This water is in the liquid stage in the water bodies, but changes in weather, and heating due to the Sun converts it into gaseous form. Slowly, these vapors of water start rising up to the sky.

What is the precipitation of the water cycle?

Precipitation is a major component of the water cycle, and is responsible for depositing most of the fresh water on the planet. Approximately 505,000 km 3 (121,000 mi 3) of water falls as precipitation each year, 398,000 km 3 (95,000 cu mi) of it over the oceans.

What is the hydrological cycle?

Definition of hydrologic cycle. : the sequence of conditions through which water passes from vapor in the atmosphere through precipitation upon land or water surfaces and ultimately back into the atmosphere as a result of evaporation and transpiration. — called also hydrological cycle.

How does the water cycle ensure that we have water?

The water cycle ensure that we have water available by contributing to the amount freshwater available for use for the living organisms. We can get water from lakes and from underground water.

What drives the water cycle?

The sun, which drives the water cycle, heats water in oceans and seas. Water evaporates as water vapor into the air. Some ice and snow sublimates directly into water vapor.

What is true about the water cycle?

Water Cycle Facts Definition: A process of condensation, infiltration, run-off, evaporation, precipitation and transpiration Other name: The hydrologic cycle Composition: 3% of the water in the water cycle isn’t saltwater Renewable: No. Driving Force: Sun is the driving force of the entire water cycle

What are the five stages of a water cycle?

1) Evaporation. The water cycle starts with evaporation. 2) Condensation. As water vaporizes into water vapor, it rises up in the atmosphere. 3) Sublimation. 4) Precipitation. 5) Transpiration. 6) Runoff. 7) Infiltration.

What do you know about the water cycle?

The water cycle, also known as the hydrologic cycle or the hydrological cycle, describes the continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth. The mass of water on Earth remains fairly constant over time but the partitioning of the water into the major reservoirs of ice, fresh water,…