What are the specs of a 2005 Freightliner?

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What are the specs of a 2005 Freightliner?

2005 Freightliner Century 120 Detroit 12.7L 380 hp, block heater, 10 speed manual, air ride cab & suspension, LP 22.5 tires on steel rim, quarter fend… 2005 FREIGHTLINER, BUSINESS CLASS M2 106, Heavy Duty Trucks – Flatbed Trucks, , , Let us build a custom truck to your specs!

What kind of truck is a Freightliner classic XL?

99 Freightliner Classic XL, Heavy Specs Truck. ELD exempt. Cat 3406 engine 550 hp, 411 differentials, rated 40,000 lbs. 20,000 lbs push axle. 16918 Eaton Fuller 18 Speed Tranny ( 2 years old). 7… See More Details 26FT box truck with pull out ramp, roll up rear door.

What kind of truck is a Freightliner M2?

2009 Freightliner Business Class M2 Box Truck 26′ box, Mercedes Diesel engine, new batteries, Waltco lift gate (has a blown fuse), EGR issue causes some excess smoke (check engine notification) See More Details 20yd EZ Pack Apollo *Hot Shift PTO/Close Couple Pump *12,000# Bloom Drum Winch *Rear Vision Camera *Front & Rear Strobes

How big is the fuel tank on a Freightliner?

Wood floors and wood tie down rails. 26,000 maximum weight capacity, 80 gal fuel tank 2003 Freightliner, 1 compartment truck, 104,294 miles. 6 speed Standard Trans. Very solid good truck. 3 year old LCR-II meter system. Trans-Tech Tank 2800 Single compartment tank. Side Compart… See More Details

Why are Freightliner 114SD trucks with Detroit DD13 engines?

Find out why Greene County relies on Freightliner 114SD trucks with Detroit DD13 engines to maintain 1,000 miles of roads for their community. Find out why Tex-Mix Concrete relies on Freightliner 114SD trucks with Detroit DD13 engines to help make their business successful.

How big is the Detroit DD13 diesel engine?

The Detroit™ DD13® Engine: A 13 Liter Powerhouse. For Less-Than-Load, regional distribution and vocational use, the versatile Detroit DD13 engine offers multiple horsepower and torque ratings with technological advancements for enhanced fuel economy and combustion efficiency.

What kind of engine does Detroit Diesel 12.7L have?

These have gone through multiple versions, and different ones can be found on the both the 12.7L and 14L. The 12.7L went through the various phases of the DDEC, with the older engines having either the DDEC I, II, or III.

Where is the 2005 Freightliner Columbia for sale?

2005 Freightliner Columbia, DU : Dump Truck, 2005 FREIGHTLINER COLUMBIA TRI-AXLE STEEL DUMP TRUCK, 800K MILES, CAT C13 ENGINE ACERT ENGINE AND EATON F… Truck Tractor, This item will sell to the highest bidder on Thursday June 24 Truck and Trailer Auction, Item is located in: Saint Paul KS 66771, 2005

What kind of truck is the Freightliner Century?

See More Details 2002 Freightliner Century 112, Cummins ISM motor, 750,000 miles, very good running truck. Sold By: BASKIN TRUCK SALES LLC. Fleet Maintained – 2004 Freightliner – Century CST 112 – Mercedes Engine – MBE 4000 – 435 Horsepower – 535k miles – 10 Speed FRO13210B Transmission – Fuller Transmission – Airliner Air Suspension -…

Are there any Freightliner Toter trucks on the market?

Advantage Truck Group was recently named the winner of the 2020 Successful Dealer Award during a virtual award presentation. The new motor will be available in over-the-road Freightliner Cascadia trucks and in vocational Western Star 49X trucks built for construction and municipal projects.

What makes a Freightliner classic XL Detroit go out?

If you see black soot around the shaft, if you can move it in and out. What is bad about high mileage EGR Detroits is when they rack up the miles, the EGR components start going out. When you replace one EGR component, you are back in the shop replacing something else.

Is there a 2005 Detroit 14.0l engine for sale?

2005 Detroit 14.0L used diesel engine for sale .515 HP, Serial #06r0868207 .Tested and inspected with warranty. Call for more info, 2006 Detroit 14.0L used diesel engine for sale .515 HP, .Serial #06r821559 .Tested and inspected with warranty. Call for more info 1- (844) 504-9033,

What kind of engine is a Detroit 14ol DPF?

2008 Detroit 14OL DPF model used diesel engine for sale. 515 HP. Tested and inspected warranty. Call for more information. 2005 Detroit 14.0L used diesel engine for sale. 515HP.

Where can I find a Freightliner Maintenance manual?

Get to know your Freightliner truck by accessing our Driver and Maintenance Manuals, your source for technical and operational information by model. Additional video resources are available to optimize your Freightliner truck, and provide you with convenient overviews specific to the components of your vehicle by VIN.

What do you need to know about a Freightliner truck?

The better you know your Freightliner, the better equipped you are to maximize its profitability. Get to know your Freightliner truck by accessing our Driver and Maintenance Manuals, your source for technical and operational information by model.

UNDER CDL 2017 Peterbilt 337, 300 HP Paccar PX7, 57,229 miles, 5 speed automatic Allison transmission, Allvan 26′ box with 5′ attic- 102″ wide, polished aluminum wheels and… Thank you for viewing our 2014 Freightliner M2 for sale in Wabash, IN.

When does a Freightliner classic no data link alert come on?

I have a 2005 Freightliner Classic w/14L Detroit 60 Series, 10 spd Ultrashift. I get a “No Data Link” alert after the truck is washed even when the hood is kept closed. When I get the alert the Tach, speedo, oil press, coolant temp, and voltage gages all are dead.

What are the data streams on a Freightliner truck?

The J1939 which basically runs the truck engine and transmission controls (and fortunate for me was not the issue or I would have been on the side of the road!) The second data stream is the J1587/J1708 which runs the smart guages, ABS, HVAC, and satellite systems.

Where are the 9 pin test connectors on a Freightliner?

Check the wiring to your 9 pin test connector under your dash above your left knee. There may also be a “ second” square connector with 4 wires that is capped located somewhere in the wire loom or on the fire wall that is also used for diagnostics and laptop connection for troubleshooting.

What kind of engine does a Freightliner classic have?

2005 FREIGHTLINER CLASSIC 450 HP 13 speed, 260 WB excellent rubber, new brakes and drums, new paint to many new parts to lists. Nice truck.

Is the 2000 Freightliner classic XL for sale?

2000 Freightliner Classic XL Sleeper Truck For Sale! – CAT 3406 500 HP Engine – 10 Speed Transmission – Aluminum Wheels – Aluminum Fuel Tanks – Air Slide Fifth Wheel – Dual Stacks and Breathers – C… See More Details ECM verified 950,000 accurate miles. 6NZ CAT motor Elite leather driver seat with button tuck interior.

What kind of truck is a Freightliner fld132?

2006 FREIGHTLINER FLD132 CLASSIC XL T/A ROAD TRACTOR, VIN: 1FUJAPCK36DW05728, E/F 10 SPD, DETROIT 60 SERIES DIESEL, 40K REARS, AIR RIDE SUSP, SLEEPER, JAKE, DIFF LOCK, ODOMETER SHOWS: 189,966 (… See More Details We’re sorry, we could not issue pre-approval based on the information provided.

When did the Caterpillar C7 diesel engine come out?

The Caterpillar C7 Engine was supposed to be the “golden child” in Caterpillar diesel engine lineup; one that combined raw horsepower with computer controlled clean emissions. However, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. The engine was produced from 2003 to 2009 and was installed primarily in over the road medium duty class 8 trucks.

What is the fuel delivery system on a cat C7?

The fuel delivery system on the CAT C7 is hydraulic electronically controlled unit injectors for the mid horsepower models and mechanically actuated and electronically controlled on the higher horsepower models. Both systems are metered and timed to inject multiple bursts of fuel to create a more efficient combustion cycle.

What kind of fuel does a cat C7 ACERT use?

In 2007 diesel fuel itself changed to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or ULSD. The fuel change dictated that the fuel system of the CAT C7 ACERT needed to change to a common-rail injection system. The new common-rail injectors took injection pressures to 25,000-27,500 psi. The fuel transfer pump supplies the fuel to the fuel rail at 280 psi.

Is there a 2006 Detroit 14ol for sale?

2006 Detroit 14.0L used diesel engine for sale. 515HP, LOW MILES, tested and inspected with warranty. Call for more info.. 2005 Detroit 14OL used diesel engine for sale. 515 HP.

What kind of engine is a 2005 Detroit 60?

2005 Detroit 14.0L used diesel engine for sale. 515HP. Tested and inspected with warranty. Call or visit our website for more info. (USED) Detroit 60 SER 14.0 Warranty: 180 Day Parts and Labor Serial#: 06R0889548 Horsepower: 515 60 SER 14.0L 515HP, W/ JAKES, BEARINGS REPLACED.

What was the problem with the Caterpillar CAT C7 engine?

The ACERT Technology had a lot of problems for Caterpillar, first with the CAT C7 but more so later on with the CAT 13 and CAT 15 engines. The technology was really the first generation emissions technology for heavy duty diesel engines. The ACERT technology was prone to numerous regeneration issues. Drivers reported low power and low fuel economy.

When to reset trip mileage on a Freightliner?

Trip mileage resets when ignition off. Leaking radiator. ATTN Vectra Owners. Found hidden fuse panel!! Gaffney Service Still Open? Multiple electric failures, where to look??? All times are GMT -6. The time now is 03:12 PM.

Where are good service locations for Freightliner RV owners?

Sticky: Good Service Locations for Freightliner RV Owners ( 1 2 3 4 5 Last Page) 2021 XCR Titan Tag Axle Shock Upgrades? What shocks do you use? Trip mileage resets when ignition off. Leaking radiator. ATTN Vectra Owners. Found hidden fuse panel!! Gaffney Service Still Open? Multiple electric failures, where to look??? All times are GMT -6.

What kind of engine is in Freightliner Cascadia 116?

Available in the Freightliner Cascadia 116” BBC day cab, the Cummins X12 engine is designed for weight-sensitive applications. The X12 has the power of a 13L but weighs less than an 11L.

Can a 444 Cummins run with a 425?

The 444 is a glorified 400 big cam. they hang together as good as any of the nh series. It will run with the 425 cats. If you retro fit a decent after cooler in front of the radiator and take the guts out of the old intercooler, you gain a few more horses! Thats what it is all about.:knight:soapbox Run Forrest…Run!!!!

How big is a Cummins day cab truck?

The Cummins X12 is only available in a 116″ Day Cab configuration with an Eaton Cummins Endurant Transmission. This combination is the lightest powertrain available for the Class 8 on-highway market, weighing only 2700 pounds. The Cummins X15 offers ratings to deliver the performance and response customers expect.

Who are the owners of the Freightliner truck?

Freightliner Trucks is a division of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, a Daimlercompany.

What kind of parts do Freightliner Trucks use?

When it comes to buying parts for your Freightliner, don’t settle for imitations. Only Freightliner genuine parts are backed with our industry-leading warranty. Engineered for Performance Get a new or remanufactured Detroit™ part that is designed specifically to fit your engine, axles and transmission.

What kind of engine does a Freightliner Columbia have?

635K Miles on the truck with a complete engine overhaul at 405K miles along with all 6 injectors. 2006 Freightliner Columbia with a Mercedes 400 Horse power engine with 10 speed transmission. Also a reman front drive carrier at 430K

What are the maintenance schedules for a m2 truck?

Maintenance Schedules: 00–02 Maintenance Intervals for Schedule I: 00–03 Maintenance Intervals for Schedules II and III: 00–04 Overview of Maintenance Operations: 00–05 Initial Maintenance (IM) Operations: 00–06 M1 Maintenance Operations: 00–07 M2 Maintenance Operations: 00–08 M3 Maintenance Operations: 00–09

What kind of air inlet system does cat C7 use?

With the ACERT design the smaller CAT C7 models used an air inlet system with multiple traditional wastegated turbos to boost air intake flow and pressure. The more midsized hp models used only a single turbo while the larger horsepower models used dual turbochargers working in conjunction for optimal airflow.