What can I use for assembly lube?

What can I use for assembly lube?

If the engine will be fired up and broken in immediately, then heavy oil, STP, or a mixture of heavy oil and STP (with adequate ZDP) will probably give adequate protection. Before engine assembly lubes were invented, I used a mixture of STP and SAE 30 grade oil plus added ZDP as an engine assembly lube.

Is assembly lube better than oil?

PJ1 Engine Assembly lube is a much better option for the pre-lubrication of engines, transmission, and differentials. While engine oil works will while it’s under pressure and warm, assembly lube does a much better job liberating cold and under high pressures like the initial startup of an engine or transmission.

What is Assembly lube?

Assembly lube is typically a thick tacky oil that is designed to stick to metal surfaces to both aid in putting parts together, and to provide protection post assembly.

Should I use assembly lube on main bearings?

A thin coating of assembly lube should be applied on all high-friction, high-load surfaces including rod, main and cam bearings. Assembly lubes are one of the most important parts of an engine build.

Can I use engine oil as assembly lube?

If you are going to run your engine right away after assembly, you can use oil. Oil can give the engine parts enough lubrication to prevent chafing. Oil, however will drain away over time, leaving parts exposed. Assembly lube will stay in place until you start the engine.

Can you use grease as assembly lube?

Some engine builders will use a specific bearing grease on the cam an lifters. Bearing grease is very fine lubricant recommended for use on the engine bearings due to possibility of “spinning a bearing” upon startup.

What is the best engine break in oil?

Many people say a conventional mineral-based SAE 30 motor oil that contains extra extreme pressure additive (ZDDP and/or moly) and little or no friction modifiers is best for engine break-in.

Can you use engine oil as assembly lube?

Should you use assembly lube on piston rings?

Assembly lube (any brand) is designed to be slippery and is not good for proper ring seal/break-in. Assemply lube should however, be used for bearings, valve guides, lifter bores, cam JOURNALS, distributor gear, timing chain/gear etc.

Do you use assembly lube on piston rings?

You can use assembly lube on the piston pin, but the skirt and lands should only have a light wipe with motor oil. Do not oil the rings unless specifically told to do so by the manufacturer. The oil that is already on the bore surface is all that they need.

How long does assembly lube last?

If it was inside in a protected environment, then I would expect that the assembly lubricant would last at least six months – probably more.

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