What causes no spark on a boat?

What causes no spark on a boat?

Spark Check: Your outboard needs spark at the spark plugs in order to start. Check each plug and wire individually. If you see a strong blue spark, the ignition system can fire the engine. If no spark on all cylinders, the culprit is typically the key switch, kill switch or ignition power pack.

Will the stator cause no spark?

Without a stator, your motorcycle will not get any spark at all as your battery is not capable of supplying the appropriate power levels to generate a spark. As a result, if your stator is going bad your motorcycle will run very poorly. Eventually, your stator can prevent your motorcycle from starting at all.

What to do if there is no spark at the ignition coil?

Check for voltage output at the ignition coil. Disconnect the ignition coil wire from the distributor and install the spark tester to the wire and ground the tester to the engine. Crank the engine for a few seconds. If there’s spark, the problem is with the distributor cap or rotor.

Why is there no spark at the coil axle?

If there’s no voltage, check the wire between the ignition switch and the coil and, if necessary, the switch itself. If there’s voltage, the problem may be with the pickup unit. If the pickup is good, then the problem may be with the ignition control module.

What should the resistance of an ignition coil be?

Switch the meter’s resistance range to the 20K-ohm setting and attach the negative (black) meter lead to the center terminal of the coil. The reading here should be 11.00 or better, with 13.49 being about normal. If your coil reads under 11.00, then chances are pretty good that this is the reason you’re not getting any spark or a very weak one.

What to do when your engine has no spark?

Insert a spark plug tester into the plug boot and ground it on a piece of metal on the engine. Finally, Have someone crank the engine and watch for spark. Remove one of the coils from the spark plug. Use an extra spark plug. A spark plug tester. Or even a screwdriver in the end of the coil.