What do volus look like outside of their suits?

What do volus look like outside of their suits?

As the volus are never seen outside of their protective suits, little else is known about their appearance and physiology. It has been noted; however, that volus have cloacae, a trait they share with the salarians. Their saliva looks coppery-blue under standard environments, and they’re capable of spitting said fluid.

Why do the volus wear suits?

The Volus homeworld of Irune was ammonia-based with a high-pressure atmosphere, so in order to survive outside of that environment, Volus must wear their suits. The “normal” air found in other places, like the Citadel, combined with a low pressure atmosphere will actually cause their skin to split open.

What do Krogans look like?

Many of the aliens in the Mass Effect games are roughly humanoid in their body shape and faces, especially the Asari, who are blue women with rigid “hair tentacles.” Meanwhile, the Krogan are burly creatures with reptilian faces, complete with forehead plates and scaly skin.

How tall is a volus?

Height: The average height of the volus is just under 2 feet. Weight: Most of the weight of the volus comes from their suit as well as the containers they hold to maintain the lifesupport within the suit.

How many Krogan are left?

During the Mass Effect trilogy, years later, it sits at only 2.1 billion Krogans, with another 2,400 in battle stations orbiting the planet. Krogan men often work as mercenaries off-world, but women don’t usually leave Tuchanka since they focus so heavily on reproduction.

What do Turians find attractive?

Skin tones similar to Mordin Solus’ own are apparently attractive by turian standards. A turian C-Sec officer Turians are noted for their strong sense of public service. It is rare to find one who puts his needs ahead of the group.

Where do the Volus come from in Mass Effect?

The volus are an associate race on the Citadel with their own embassy, but are also a client race of the turians. They hail from Irune, which possesses a high-pressure greenhouse atmosphere able to support an ammonia-based biochemistry.

How are Volus able to survive in the atmosphere?

This is reflected in the physiology of the volus themselves. The volus are unable to survive unprotected in an atmosphere more suitable to humans and other carbon-based lifeforms, and as such require protective suits capable of providing the proper atmosphere, as well as being pressurized to support the volus.

Why are Volus not invited to the Council?

Because they are not physically adept compared to most species, volus mostly make their influence felt through trade and commerce, and they have a long history on the Citadel. However, they have never been invited to join the Council, which is a sore point for many volus individuals.

What kind of economy does the Volus have?

The volus economy is out of proportion to their modest resource base. They are aggressive traders and industrialists with a keen grasp of exchange and finance. Many of the galaxy’s largest banks, holding corporations, and manufacturing cartels, such as the Elkoss Combine, are owned or managed by volus.