What does emissions Workshop light mean?

What does emissions Workshop light mean?

Emissions Workshop means that the fuel / air ratio is incorrect. There are many reasons for this problem. The ONLY way to be certain is to have the OBD codes scanned. This will show the problem straight away. If the car appears to be running ok, you may have a problem with an oxygen sensor….but do the scan first.

What does Engine Workshop mean?

The engine fault workshop light means that the engine light is on and active with a fault code. Get a code reader and scan the computer to the vehicle to determine what codes are stored in the computer. There are a lot of codes, so this will narrow it down to a location on the vehicle to diagnose.

When does the emissions workshop warning light go out?

After flashing up with the engine symbol, after around 50 seconds the message Emissions Workshop then shows in the central display for a few seconds and then goes out. This warning light appears to have no impact on the running of the car, it idles & accelerates perfectly, the fuel economy is still as expected and there is no problem starting.

What should I do if my Emissions Light is on?

If emissions light are ON, but there is no issue with the smooth operation of the car, you need not worry about a thing! On the other hand, if the car faces problems with mileage, speed, power, and responds slowly to the throttle input; get it checked. It is never a bad idea to send your car for an inspection!

When does the emissions control lamp turn on?

When the EGR system turns faulty for one reason or the other, the emissions control lamp is likely to turn ON. That is why it is essential to visit a mechanic who would inspect the system and replace the EGR valve if required. Refer to maintenance tips for a DIY process to clean EGR valve. 3. Malfunctioning Vacuum Hose

Why does a car have an Emissions Light on?

The valve ensures that the fuel gets entirely utilized and the exit of the exhaust gases into the environment diminishes. In simple words, the EGR helps regulate the car’s emissions into the atmosphere. When the EGR system turns faulty for one reason or the other, the emissions control lamp is likely to turn ON.