What does it mean when your engine light is blinking yellow?

What does it mean when your engine light is blinking yellow?

Look for a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Check your dashboard gauges and lights for indications of low oil pressure or overheating. On some cars, a yellow check engine light means investigate the problem and a red one means stop right now. Try tightening your gas cap.

What does it mean when DEF light flashing?

A flashing/blinking DEF indicator light means that your DEF level is critically low. That means drop whatever you’re doing and refill it. If you continue on ignoring that indication, the consequences could be dire. So, refill the DEF tank as soon as possible.

Why is the low Def yellow light flashing?

Vocational, Technical or Tra… My check engine light came on, and when I stopped, the yellow light on fuel gage, above DEF gauge. Is flashing. My fuel level shows just under … read more

What does it mean when your Def light is blinking?

SCENARIO THREE: YOUR DEF LIGHT IS FLASHING/BLINKING, AND THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS ON. A flashing DEF Light combined with a Check Engine Light indicates that the DEF level is critically low and you will derate.

When does the Def and check engine light come on?

SCENARIO FOUR: YOUR STOP ENGINE LIGHT IS ON WITH FLASHING DEF & CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. If the engine has been shut down or has idled for one hour after the DEF tank has been run dry, the Stop Engine Light will also be lit along with the flashing DEF Lamp and Check Engine Light. Engine power will continue to be reduced automatically.

What does a flashing red Engine Lamp mean?

Indicates that engine must be stopped as soon as it is safe to do so. Flashing Red Stop Engine Lamp Indicates driver has 30 seconds to stop vehicle safely before automatic engine shutdown (if the Engine Protection Shutdown feature is enabled). High Exhaust System Temperature (HEST) Lamp