What does running the overhead mean?

What does running the overhead mean?

The overhead adjustment is setting the clearance between the rocker arms and the valve cross heads. As the valve and valve seat wear it allows the valve springs to pull. the valves up further as it shuts the valve which over time reduces the clearance between the rocker arm and cross head.

How do you adjust a Cummins injector?

Loosen the injector adjusting screw locknut. Use a screwdriver or a box end wrench, if equipped with engine brakes) to adjust the screw. Bottom the injector plunger three or four times to remove the fuel. Turn the adjusting screw in until it just bottoms the plunger.

Are salaries overhead costs?

This includes mainly monthly and annual salaries that are agreed upon. They are considered overheads as these costs must be paid regardless of sales and profits of the company. In addition, salary differs from wage as salary is not affected by working hours and time, therefore will remain constant.

What are examples of overhead?

Overhead includes the fixed, variable, or semi-variable expenses that are not directly involved with a company’s product or service. Examples of overhead include rent, administrative costs, or employee salaries.

How do I find the top stop on my fuel injectors?

Top Stop injectors are normally set in the engine using a “zero lash” setting on the “base circle” of the camshaft injector lobe. This has become know as the “Inner Base Circle” or IBC method.

How do you adjust injectors?

Loosen the lock-nut of the injector adjusting screw with a ratchet and socket. Only loosen the nut two full turns. Insert an Allen wrench into the head of the adjusting screw and tighten to 40 inch-pounds. Loosen the same adjusting screw again with the Allen wrench by backing it off 3/4-turn.

What is the overhead setting on a Cummins Engine?

The valves set on .011 and .023. The overhead on this engine is set by the inner base circle method, and is confusing, if you are not used to doing it. Cummins did offer a shirt pocket sized chart, in the form of a treasure map, of where to go and dig next.

How are the valves set on a Cummins?

Cummins did offer a shirt pocket sized chart, in the form of a treasure map, of where to go and dig next. It is confusing in that the valves are set on one cylinder and the injector on another. there is a lot of information on the net, some of which is dangerous. Buy or borrow a service manual.

How to install CPL on Cummins Big Cam 3?

First thing i will say is find the cpl and then go to jake brake.com and find the jake brake install instruction and they at one time told you how to run the over head for that cpl. Dont mix the procedure for oter base with inter base. That is for different cpl injectors.