What happened to MST3K?

What happened to MST3K?

The series ran for two seasons on Netflix but was canceled in 2019. That would not be the end for Mystery Science Theater 3000. In April 2021, original creator, Joel Hodgson, launched another Kickstarter campaign to get another season of the show off the ground.

How many volumes is MST3K?

The thirty-eight MST3K volumes (four films per volume) are a special challenge.

Who created MST3K?

Joel Hodgson
Mystery Science Theater 3000 (abbreviated as MST3K) is an American television comedy series created by Joel Hodgson. The show premiered on KTMA-TV (now WUCW) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on November 24, 1988.

Did MST3K get Cancelled?

Add Mystery Science Theater 3000 to the scrap heap at Netflix. Host Jonah Ray revealed that the revival would not be returning to the streaming giant for a third season. Netflix confirmed that the series has been canceled following its two-season run.

Is there going to be a season 13 of Mystery Science Theater 3000?

“We’re so humbled and grateful and deliriously happy to be making more MST3K for the people who love it most, and can’t wait to get started on ‘lucky’ Season 13. The new season will feature the return of Felicia Day as lead Mad Kinga Forrester and Patton Oswalt as the evil henchman Max a.k.a TV’s Son of TV’s Frank.

Where is Joel Hodgson from?

Stevens Point, WI
Joel Hodgson/Place of birth

What was Joel’s last episode of MST3K?

Joel was the host from 1988–93. Episode #512, Mitchell, was his final episode as host; beginning with the following episode (#513 The Brain That Wouldn’t Die) he was replaced by Mike Nelson, played by series head writer Michael J. Nelson.

Will there be new episodes of MST3K?

“Mystery Science Theater 3000” is coming back strong. The beloved cult series will be back with more original episodes and a custom online distribution platform thanks to another successful Kickstarter campaign. The campaign, which concluded May 7 after 30 days, raised over $6.5 million with over 36,000 backers.