What is airline sim?

What is airline sim?

AirlineSim is the online airline simulation game for pros: With its sophisticated planning, reservation, inventory and management systems it allows you to run your own virtual airlines as if it were the real thing! Assemble your fleet and get your carrier off the ground today!

What do airline managers do?

An airline manager is responsible for discussing with the Airline personnel who oversees design certification, installation, test and turn up, maintenance of equipments and other activities involved in the airline’s Maintenance Department.

What do you need to know about airline Sim?

The game includes all the airports globally and all aircraft models. World has only a limited time span, and alliance and achievement features are disabled. Cargo features are included. Use this game world to learn more about managing your airline and sharpen your skills before entering the real competition!

Can you run your own airline in airwaysim?

Airline Management Simulation AirwaySim is an online management simulation where you can run your own airline. Compete globally against other airline managers in this highly realistic multiplayer game. Can you handle the challenges and become the best airline CEO?

Are there any modern airliners in airlinesim?

While the interface is designed after those of legacy airline IT systems, it works well with the mobile devices of our time. Almost all modern airliners are available in the game, each modelled with realistic performance characteristics. Visual Themes: Don’t like the dark standard look?

How long is a short airline sim game?

The SHORT scenarios are less than 15 game years in length and do not require long-term fleet planning or decades of strategy decisions. Easy scenario suitable for everyone, including the inexperienced players. Overall length of this scenario from start to finish is approximately 6 months. See the game details for the actual play time left.