What is Atlanta radio station?

What is Atlanta radio station?

Call Freq. City
WCLK 91.9 Atlanta, GA
W222AF 92.3 Marietta, GA
WZGC 92.9 Atlanta, GA
WVFJ 93.3 Greenville, GA

Is there an alternative music station in Atlanta?

Atlanta’s primary alternative rock station Alt 105.7 is no longer on the FM dial. That 105.7 signal is now simulcasting Z105. 3, the iHeartMedia’s Latin hits station. On Sunday night, Alt 105.7 played its final record “Novacaine” by The Unlikely Candidates after seven years on air.

What are the Spanish radio stations in Atlanta?

Latino Radio Stations from Georgia, United States

  • Radio Salsa.
  • Rumba Atlanta.
  • Apasionada.
  • WDMG La Que Buena 860.
  • Tropicool Radio Boston.
  • Radio Roatan.
  • Del Barrio Radio.
  • Radio La Sanjuanera.

Does Atlanta have a classical music radio station?

WABE Classics, WABE-HD2 90.1 FM, Atlanta, GA | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

Why did 96 Rock get Cancelled?

The edgy and popular Regular Guys on Atlanta’s 96rock (WKLS-FM) have been fired by station owners Clear Channel Communications after a March 19 incident in which the deejays’ show aired graphic sexual content.

Is 96 Rock coming back in 2021?

July 1, 2021 – iHeartMedia Atlanta announced today the return of 96 Rock, effective immediately. The legendary station returns digitally after a 15-year hiatus and can now be heard nationwide via the iHeartRadio app as well as 96rock.com, iHeartRadio.com and smart speakers everywhere.

Who is the host of the Atlanta music scene?

Atlanta Music Scene A series of concert performances from venues all around Metro Atlanta, the Atlanta Music Scene is hosted by Robert Hubert and produced by Tommy Joe Anderson of A.C.A. Digital Recording. The series is made possible in part by a grant from the Georgia…

What’s the name of the Spanish classical radio show?

Concíerto, produced by WDAV Classical Public Radio, is America’s first nationally distributed bilingual (Spanish-English) classical music program that calls special attention to the contributions to the art form by Latin-American and Spanish composers… Exploring Music

What’s the TV show only in Atlanta about?

Only In Atlanta is a series that dives deep into Atlanta neighborhoods. Told through intimate personal stories, this series casts a new lens on U.S. history and the ongoing role that Asian Americans have played.