What is in the cowfish veggie burger?

What is in the cowfish veggie burger?

Their house made veggie patty had brown rice, panko, cranberries, quinoa, roasted corn, spinach, edamame, & red peppers! Definitely the most unique veggie patty I have ever tried.

How many calories are in a counter burger?

Calories Sodium (mg)
Calories Sort by Calories Sodium (mg)Sort by Sodium (milligrams)
Impossible Burger – 1 lb.[more info] 1,100 6,260
Impossible Burger – 1/2 lb.[more info] 730 4,170
Impossible Burger – 1/3 lb.[more info] 370 2,090

What is Burgushi?

No, it’s Burgushi®, a cutting-edge fusion of sandwiches made with sushi stuff, and sushi crafted with burger stuff. Take the All-American Bacon Double CheeseBurgushi: seasoned all natural beef, yellow and white cheddar cheeses, applewood bacon, and red onion, wrapped in soy paper and potato strings then flash fried.

Who created cowfish?

Alan Springate
Cowfish owners Alan Springate and Marcus Hall, a Raleigh native, created a lot of buzz when they opened the first Cowfish restaurant in Charlotte’s SouthPark area in late 2010 with its now popular “burgushi” menu, which is a fusion of gourmet burgers and sushi.

Is cowfish a chain?

A Charlotte-based restaurant chain offering a fusion of sushi and burgers has closed its location in Alabama. The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar opened its 6,000-square-foot restaurant in Birmingham in 2017. Currently, Cowfish only has three locations remaining: Charlotte, Raleigh and Orlando, Florida.

Does cowfish have gluten free buns?

The Cowfish A reader has comment to let me know that they have gluten-free buns on hand and can accommodate most allergies beyond just the marked ones on the menu.

Is there a cowfish?

The longhorn cowfish (Lactoria cornuta), also called the horned boxfish, is a species of boxfish from the family Ostraciidae, recognizable by its long horns that protrude from the front of its head, rather like those of a cow or bull….

Longhorn cowfish
Family: Ostraciidae
Genus: Lactoria
Species: L. cornuta
Binomial name

Who owns cowfish Raleigh?

The Cowfish Co-owner, Alan Springate, was recently featured in The Alcalde Magazine at his alma mater, the University of Texas. “Alan Springate, BA ’94, and his restaurant partner, Marcus Hall, first cooked up the idea of burgushi in November 2010.

Are cowfish reef safe?

Use caution if placing the Cowfish Longhorn in a reef tank as it may nibble on tubeworms. When housed correctly, the Cowfish Longhorn is long-lived. Similar to other boxfish, the Cowfish Longhorn’s skin is poisonous and, when threatened, it will release a toxin lethal to other tank members, including other Longhorns.

Are cowfish poisonous to humans?

Second, cowfish are unaffected. The good news in all of this, as long as you’re not a fish, is that cowfish, and other boxfish species, don’t appear to be poisonous to humans. In some parts of the Pacific they are considered a delicacy, and roasted over the fire like chestnuts.