What is the top speed of RX 135 5 speed?

What is the top speed of RX 135 5 speed?

Yamaha RX 135 mileage is 25-35 kmpl (approximate). In terms of performance, the 135cc motorcycle can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in around 16 seconds. Yamaha RX 135 top speed is 110 kmph (company-claimed).

How can I increase the performance of my Yamaha RX 135?

Planning to do the following.

  1. Good air filter, UNI or K&N or as per suggestions.
  2. Upjetting the existing carburetor.
  3. Custom reeds.
  4. Expansion chamber.
  5. 5 speed bore, head and piston (luckily I am getting)
  6. 5 speed gear box.
  7. Disk setup in front and rear.
  8. Good tires with grip both on tarmac and concrete.

What is the average of Yamaha RX 135?

Yamaha RX135 gives around 33 kmpl mileage.

Which Yamaha RX series is best?

Here are some points to consider: Yamaha RX100 and RX135 are both made on the same underpinnings and shared most of the parts. Out of the two the RX135 is better, it has more torque than the RX100. RX 135 has a 5 speed MT, whereas RX 100 has a 4 speed transmission.

What is the top speed of Yamaha RX100?

Yamaha RX 100

Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Company
Engine 98.2 cc (5.99 cu in) air-cooled, reed valve two-stroke single
Top speed 110kmph+(fully conditioned)
Power 11.2hp
Torque 10.45Nm @7500rpm

How do I increase the power of my Yamaha RX100?

Reducing tyre size to standard factory size also increases pickup. Most of us including me increase the tyre size to 3.00 in rear and 2.75 in the front. This will drastically slow down your bike. Consult a RX 100 specialist to tune the bike.

Is RX 135 coming back?

The exhibited RX 135 was finished in a purple chrome paint scheme with some golden highlights. Speculations are that the bike could be showcased at the 2021 auto expo. however, there is no official word from Yamaha motors India regarding the relaunch of Yamaha Rx 100 in India anytime soon.

What is the cost of Yamaha RX 135?

Yamaha RX 135 On Road Price – After GST

Price August 2021 * (Ex-showroom) : 40000 discontinued rupees
Mileage / Average (kmpl) 30
Per km cost of Yamaha RX 135 is Rs. 2.35. * Cosidering mileage of 30 kmpl and petrol price of Around Rs. 70.45 on 2019-05-01
Other Names None.
Specifications Summary :

Why was the Yamaha RX100 banned?

However, due to strict modern emission norms, two-stroke motorcycles were deemed obsolete soon, and the RX100 bit the dust. Now that the government has banned the sale of two-stroke motorcycles, Yamaha will have to resurrect the RX with a four-stroke engine, if it chooses to.