What is zoamix?

What is zoamix?

Zoamix ® (zoalene) is a Type A Medicated Article to aid in the prevention and control of coccidiosis in broiler chickens and growing turkeys, and the development of active immunity to coccidiosis in replacement chickens.

How is coccidiosis controlled in poultry?

Today the prevention and control of coccidiosis is based on chemotherapy, using anticoccidial drugs and/or vaccines along with hygienic measures and improved farm management. The efficiency of anticoccidial agents can be reduced by drug resistance and management programmes are designed to prevent this developing.

Is Zoalene an antibiotic?

Rennier said the most widely used feed medications in No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) production systems are non-ionophore anticoccidials (NIAs), which include nicarbazin, which is typically used in the winter months only, and zoalene, a feed medication that was reintroduced in 2014 after being out of production for 9 years.

What is the best medicine for coccidiosis in chickens?

The most popular treatment for coccidiosis is Amprolium, which blocks the parasite’s ability to uptake and multiply. Treatment is usually administered by adding Amprolium to the chickens’ water supply, however in some cases, where sick chickens aren’t eating or drinking enough, the medication is given orally.

Can garlic treat coccidiosis?

Numerous plant-based products have been found to be effective at treating chicken coccidiosis: Artemisia annua and artemisinin [10, 11], oregano [12], garlic [13], neem [14], different species of Aloe [15], green tea [16], sugar cane [17], turmeric [18] and many others [9, 19,20,21].

What is the best treatment for coccidiosis in chickens?

Natural Treatment of Coccidiosis for Chicks and Chickens Probiotics help with digestive tract health and boost good bacteria levels to help combat the bad bacteria. Various herbs and other natural substances have been studied and thought to help battle coccidiosis.

Can ginger cure coccidia?

Ginger has been reported to enhance the growth performance and digestibility in broilers and effective in treating and controlling coccidial infection (Zhang et al.

Can garlic cure coccidiosis in chicken?

Introduction. Coccidiosis is one of the major protozoan diseases of poultry caused by genus Emeria. This organism mostly affects the gastrointestinal tract causing reduced feed intake, weight gain, worsen feed efficiency and higher mortality (Tanweer et al.

Can turmeric cure coccidiosis?

With the property of anti-diarrhea and anti-inflammatory, turmeric is expected to be an alternative for the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in particular and general gastrointestinal disease in chickens.

How much Zoamix can you feed a chicken?

Zoamix is approved for use in broiler chickens for the prevention and control of coccidiosis. The inclusion rate is 113.5 grams (0.0125%) zoalene per ton of feed. Zoamix can be used in replacement chickens for the development of active immunity to coccidiosis. The inclusion rate is 36.3 to 113.5 grams (0.004 to 0.0125%) zoalene per ton of feed.

How is Zoamix used as a livestock remedy?

Livestock remedy – not for human use. Zoalene is to be fed continuously as an aid for the prevention and control of cecal and intestinal coccidiosis in chickens and intestinal coccidiosis in turkeys. It is suggested that a mixture of Zoamix and some feed ingredient be prepared prior to mixing in with the finished ration.

What can Zoamix be used for in turkeys?

Zoamix is approved for use in turkeys (grown for meat) for the prevention and control of coccidiosis. The inclusion rate is 113.5 to 170.3 grams (0.0125 to 0.01875%) of zoalene per ton of feed. What Is It For?

When to use zoalene feed for replacement birds?

Feed containing zoalene can be used in a program to raise replacement birds. When used under conditions of exposure to coccidiosis, it will allow immunity to develop adequate to protect against losses due to the disease when the birds are placed on nonmedicated feed for egg laying purposes.